Online gambling is more popular than ever. Besides the free games, many people also like to gamble with real money. However, not every online casino offers the possibility to deposit money with PayPal.

Paypal Casino

Many people around the world use this payment method. At online casinos more than 10 million people have already made transactions. A PayPal Casino guarantees you that every money transaction is safe and fast.

Another advantage is that you don’t have to enter your personal information every time you make a deposit. By logging in with your own email address and password the money transaction is quickly done. It is immediately processed and deposited into your player account.

Paypal CasinoPaypal Casino

Why is it a good choice?

PayPal protects its users well. When someone makes purchases on the internet and the product is not right, they can get their money back. However, when you start playing at an online casino this is not the case. Unfortunately, not all casinos offer the payment method, which is surprising since it is the most widely used payment option in the world.

    The benefits

    • The service and services are completely free
    • The payment is safe, fast and reliable
    • Depositing and withdrawing money is fast
    • A mobile app is available for ease of use
    • Currencies are converted and applied very quickly

    The disadvantages

    • Many online casinos do not approve of PayPal
    • When transferring funds or cashing out winnings, fees may be charged
    • You will need an additional account that you log into via your email and a password

Frequently asked questions about PayPal

How does it work?

It is the world’s most widely used payment method for purchases on the Internet. But not only purchases at, for example, a clothing webshop can be made. An online casino with PayPal is also something you’ll come across. Although you won’t find many in the Netherlands, they are there.

By having an account you can make a deposit at an online casino with just your login details. The money transaction takes place over a secure and encrypted connection and you don’t have to enter any financial details. You pay with your balance or they debit it later from your own bank account.

It is possible to deposit money at several online casinos with one account. Within no time at all you are playing on exciting casino games for money for more excitement and a chance to win nice cash winnings. Games such as online roulette, blackjack, punto banco and a wide range of online video slots can be played.

Opening an account is completely free, as is paying within the EU. Only when there is a conversion of another currency when you make a payment or have it debited from your account will there be additional charges. In addition, many online casinos take the fees at their own expense.

How do you deposit money into an online casino?

Depositing money is done quickly, provided you have an account. You can deposit money from your own bank account into your account and then use it to make transactions on the Internet. At a casino you can gamble with your own money within seconds. Requesting a payout is also a quick process at the online casino. Exactly how long it takes depends on the processing time of the online casino itself.

Playing with Real Money

In online casinos you can buy gambling credits just like in land casinos. In land casinos these are chips, in online casinos you receive money in your player account. The money can be purchased through PayPal, allowing you to gamble with real money on your favorite casino games. Opening an account is a snap and you can quickly get started converting your money into digital coins. It can then be wagered on all casino games. When you make a profit, you can deposit it back into your PayPal account, very convenient.

How do I open a PayPal account?

To open a PayPal account you only need a valid email address and password. Then you can quickly and easily link a bank account or credit card. All purchases will eventually be deducted from your own bank account or PayPal balance.

At the moment you want to make a money transaction at an online casino you only need to enter your email and password to make a deposit. Be sure to make your first deposit with PayPal, otherwise the casino may refuse to allow you to transfer payouts to your PayPal account.

What does a PayPal account cost?

Registering or creating an account at PayPal is free.

When you make a deposit or withdrawal at an online casino using PayPal, you will be charged a small fee.

Can PayPal be used at all online casinos?

The PayPal payment method cannot be used at all online casinos. In fact, PayPal has restricted its use of services for gambling and has made exceptions only for online casinos with a good reputation. So when you play at a PayPal Casino online you can be sure that you have arrived at a reliable online casino.

How do you pay out winnings?

Paying out winnings is something you want to do as quickly as possible. Sometimes the processing times of a payment option are very long and can cause frustration among players. At a PayPal Casino, you can always have money paid out quickly and securely into your account. PayPal serves as an intermediary between your own bank and the online casino.

This way it does not require processing times and you can receive the money won directly into your PayPal account and spend it on other things. Would you like to transfer it to your own bank? Then this does take some days of processing time. Normally you have to wait much longer for your money and that is why PayPal casinos are so popular among casino players.

How do I know if PayPal is safe?

PayPal is a secure e-Wallet and has grown tremendously over the years. At more and more online casinos, payments are made with PayPal. The e-Wallet makes it possible to arrange payments quickly and securely. If you are not yet familiar with an e-Wallet, we recommend that you get acquainted with it quickly. PayPal is an e-Wallet that allows you to store online and every transaction goes through the most advanced security systems. The main advantage of the PayPal payment method is that you do not have to enter sensitive banking information every time. Thus, you can be more confident that your information is only visible to PayPal and the online casino where you are going to gamble.

Once you’ve chosen an online casino with PayPal, you’ll soon notice that deposits are credited to your account instantly. Within a few minutes you can be playing for real money and have nice winnings paid out also through PayPal. However, when you make your first withdrawal, PayPal may first ask you to send them your identity card or passport. Sometimes they also ask for recent utility bills or bank statements.

This is just to make sure that you as a person are actually who you say you are. In this way, fraud and crime are better prevented. In addition, this way you can’t just have another person disburse your funds, making it safer for yourself as well.

Are PayPal online casinos safe?

All money transactions you make with PayPal are well secured and encrypted, and your bank account information or personal details are never sent directly. PayPal allows players to make a direct deposit without having to fill in all their financial details every time. To make your PayPal account even more secure, you can choose a password that is difficult to guess.

Don’t use the same password you use at the online casino. Furthermore, PayPal has a two-stage authentication that makes you extra safe online. It is an extra security for when you go to log in somewhere. A code is then sent to your mobile and you then have to enter it on the gambling website.

Are you protected against fraud?

Security and discretion are necessary when making money transactions over the Internet. PayPal ensures that the discretion of personal and sensitive data remains safe through:

  • Proprietary servers for storing sensitive information
  • Entering a personal email address each time you perform a money transaction
  • Data encryption applies to all data traffic
  • Financial information is made invisible to, for example, online retailers, web stores and / or companies

What is the best alternative to PayPal?

If you can’t find a PayPal Casino where your favorite casino games are available, you can choose another alternative where your favorite games are available. The best alternative to deposit money with is currently Trustly.

A Trustly online casino is an intermediary between your bank and the online casino. Within a few seconds, a transaction has already taken place and you can start gambling online with real money. Trustly, like PayPal, is very secure and efficient.

The History

PayPal was founded in 1998 and is now part of eBay. It is an online payment system that acts as an intermediary for online payments between individuals, businesses, online stores or online sellers. To pay, you only need an email address and password. This is a very big advantage for casino players who want to get started quickly on their favorite casino games. You can deposit the payments from a bank account or credit card to your PayPal account. Payments with PayPal at an online casino are made almost instantly.

Originally it was intended for payments between PDAs , or palmtop or pocket computer. Today it is one of the largest payment systems in the world and many people in the Netherlands use it. Should you be looking for an online casino with PayPal, you can register an account at one of the recommended casinos on our website. A good initiative is that they protect their buyers from products bought on Marktplaats, eBay or any other website using PayPal.

Unfortunately, this is not the case with online casinos, but this says enough about the company itself. They value their customers and want to protect them in as many ways as possible. If an item is counterfeit or damaged, the buyer can return the product. Also in case a product is different or not delivered. If it can be proven then you can receive the price of the product from PayPal back into your account.

It also appears to be innovative when it comes to mobile devices. For example, in 2009 they opened up a service where mobile applications ensured that payments were made even easier. For iPhone owners, transferring money with PayPal is very fast, if the other person also owns an iPhone. By just ‘bumping’ the iPhones against each other, the money transaction is processed].


We recommend that you use secure payment methods to deposit or pay out money at online casinos at all times. A PayPal Casino offers you the guarantee that any deposit or payout will be made securely. Check our website extensively for useful articles and gaming tips and find articles on how to find an online casino that suits you best, including some reliable PayPal online casinos!