USD Coin (USDC) Casinos

As a stablecoin that is pegged to the US dollar, USD Coin has a close correlation to the US dollar. Therefore, it is widely used as a payment method. Being one of the most popular cryptocurrencies, it is now available in many online casinos. Below, we have listed the top USD Coin casinos and provided tips for making payments.

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Advantages and disadvantages of USD Coin in casinos


You can use USDC for deposits and withdrawals at crypto casinos. The payments are much faster compared to traditional transactions. Additionally, you have a variety of bonus offers that can be activated using USDC. These offers include bonuses for new customers and various promotions for existing customers.

When making payments, you can rely on intensive protection and high security. You do not need to provide any private information for transactions, so they cannot be intercepted by criminals. Another advantage is that you usually do not pay any fees for deposits and withdrawals with USDC.

We also don’t have a coin here that changes value 10x while you’re playing in the casino, because there are no price fluctuations of the crazy kind with a stable cryptocurrency. We have also almost always seen a low minimum deposit in the casinos so far.


Not to be left unmentioned are the few disadvantages of cryptocurrency. For example, you need a wallet to be able to process payments with the coins. In addition, the USD coin is directly linked to the US dollar. If the US dollar loses value, this also leads to a loss of value on your player account. However, if the US dollar rises, the value of your coins will increase.

How does USD Coin work in online casinos?

You can easily and conveniently make payments with USD Coin at online casinos. Even if you have never done this before, you will not have any difficulties. The first step is to open the deposit section of the casino and select USD Coin as the payment method. You will also need to specify the desired deposit amount.

The casino will then provide you with the wallet address to which you should send your coins. Copy the wallet address and send the amount to the casino using your own wallet. Within a few moments, your account should be credited and you can start playing immediately.

  1. Go to the deposit section of the casino
  2. Select USD Coin and determine the deposit amount
  3. Copy the casino’s wallet address
  4. Open your own wallet and send the deposit to the casino’s wallet
  5. Receive credit and start playing

How secure is USD Coin?

USDC is issued by regulated financial institutions. Among other things, the coin is secured with reserves from a mixture of cash and short-term US government bonds. Overall, the cryptocurrency is more financially stable than some of its competitors.

Additionally, it’s important to note that you don’t need to provide any sensitive data for payments. Simply specifying the respective wallet address is sufficient for processing transactions. However, payments can be accurately tracked within the network and are tamper-proof at all times.

How do I recognize reputable USD Coin casinos?

You can easily recognize reputable USD Coin casinos by their license. Every reputable casino in the market must have a license from a regulatory authority. Only this guarantees that the provider is under government and independent control. If the casino violates the law, the license could be revoked.

The background check of the developers involved is also important. If big companies are involved, this indicates the seriousness of their operations. Additionally, you should familiarize yourself with the player protection measures. Options for time-outs, player breaks, and flexible limits are good examples of this.

Who is behind USD Coin?

In the background of USD Coin is the so-called Centre Consortium. This consists of two different founding members. On the one hand, the payment company Circle is involved in the project, and on the other hand, the well-known crypto exchange Coinbase. A major update of the protocol was carried out in 2020. Since then, USD Coin can be used for everyday payments and is intended to facilitate product trading even further. USD Coin was released in 2018.

Alternatives to USD Coin in casinos

Besides USD Coin, some alternatives can be used in crypto casinos. For example, you can switch to other stablecoins like Tether or DAI. In addition, you can find a large number of casinos where you can play with Bitcoin. Another alternative is Litecoin. This emerged from a hard fork from Bitcoin but allows for faster transaction processing in direct comparison.


Are all games available with USD Coin?

With USD Coin, players can choose from a variety of different games at online casinos. The exact number varies depending on the provider. In principle, however, all types of games such as slots, jackpots, table games, or live games can be played with the coin.

Is there a USD Coin bonus in online casinos?

In USD Coin casinos, a bonus is standard nowadays. In most cases, players can not only get a bonus as a new customer but also benefit from various promotions as an existing customer.

Is the deposit with USD Coin in casinos free of charge?

Only in exceptional cases do casinos charge fees for deposits with USD Coin. Most providers allow the payments without additional costs.

Can I also withdraw with USD Coin?

You can both deposit and withdraw using USD Coin. These transactions are processed quickly, so you won’t have to wait long to receive your winnings.

Is playing with USD Coin in casinos really safe?

Playing with USD Coin in casinos can be considered safe. However, it is important that the casino has a valid license. Because payments with USDC do not require providing private data, there is no risk of third parties accessing this information.