Online casino cashback bonus 2023

Lucas Costa
September 17, 2023

Are you looking for the best online casinos for cashback bonuses? Or do you want to know what a cashback bonus even is and how it works?

Whether you are a seasoned pro who is just looking for tips to make the most of cashback bonuses or you are a complete newbie looking for comprehensive information about cashback bonuses, on this page you will find everything you need to know about the best online casino cashback bonuses.

What are cashback bonuses?

Cashback means “money back” and that is exactly what this type of bonus is all about. A portion of the money you deposit into your casino account is returned to you as a bonus. However, this is only applicable if you were not able to make any winnings with it. The casino aims to increase your luck and allows you to visit the casino again without having to make a new deposit.

In the following text, you will learn about the different types of cashback, what to consider with this bonus, and which is the best online casino for cashback bonuses.

For those who prefer a shorter version, here is a list of all online casinos with cashback bonuses:

Cashback Daily promotions

crazy fox casino ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.9/5 Crazy Fox Casino Test

  • 📜 Licensed in Malta
  • 💸 Cashback offer
  • 💳 Trusted payment methods

Daily cashback on your initial payment amount!

  • 20$-499$ -> 10%
  • 500$-699$ -> 11%
  • 700$-799$ -> 12%
  • 800$-999$ -> 13%
  • 1.000$-1.499$ -> 14%
  • 1.500$-1.999$ -> 15%
  • 2.000$-2.499 -> 16%
  • 2.500$-3.499$ -> 17%
  • 3.500$-4.000$ -> 18%
  • 4.00$-4.999$ -> 19%
  • over 5.000$ -> 20%

Turnover conditions: Slots – 3x cashback

bets io casino ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4/5 Casino Test

  • 💲 Cryptocasino
  • 🏆 Many tournaments
  • 💸 Cashback & more

Up to 20% cashback, free spins + more!

  • Daily cashback up to 20% on deposits from the previous day awaits you.
  • Free spins Wednesdays: up to 50 FS
  • Friday – Sunday: 50% up to $3,000 + 60 FS

Cashback weekly promotions

casinia casino ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5 Casinia Casino Test

  • 💲 Cryptocasino
  • 🤵 Many Live Dealer Games
  • 🎁 Welcome bonus with free spins

Live Casino Cashback 10% up to 150$
Bonus Info – 10% of the net amount from Sunday to Saturday will be credited to your account up to an amount of $150 as Live Casino Cashback.

Cashback – When losing pays off

Cashback bonuses are fundamentally different from all other bonus types. This is because they are entirely dependent on the gaming behavior of the customer. For many – often experienced – players, this bonus is confusing, especially in English-speaking countries, because many casinos simply call their loyalty program “Cashback,” although it is something completely different. But we will go into this in detail later.

The cashback bonus is practically a safety net for casino players, especially in case of big losses. It ensures that you are not completely out of money after a bet that was perhaps a little too bold or an unlucky hand at poker.

What types of cashback are there?

Daily cashback bonus

As the name suggests, this bonus is calculated based on the losses made throughout the day. For example: If you lose 100 euros on Monday, you will receive a cashback of 15%. On Tuesday, you will be credited with 15 euros. Daily cashbacks are often offered for a limited time, usually as part of special promotions. So it is worth keeping an eye out for Daily Cashbacks, especially around holidays.

Weekly Cashback Bonus

This form of cashback bonus is probably the most common. The majority of casinos that offer cashback have opted for a 7-day cycle. This often starts on a Monday and ends on Sunday. All bets that were lost within a week are added together. If the total exceeds the minimum amount set individually by the casino, a percentage of the losses will be transferred to the player’s account as a cashback bonus. In most casinos, the weekly cashback bonus is between 10% and 25%.

Monthly Cashback Bonus

Our experience with cashback in online casinos has shown that a monthly cashback bonus is most beneficial for players who visit the casino occasionally. However, players who tend to play with higher stakes also prefer a monthly cashback bonus, as these bonuses are generally higher than daily or weekly casino bonuses. While good casinos typically remind their players of their cashback bonus, it’s still a good idea to set a reminder for yourself because 30 days is a long time.

Difference between cashback and cashback bonus program

Often casinos offer what are known as cashback bonus programs. However, these differ from a traditional cashback bonus. The cashback bonus program, also commonly referred to as a loyalty or rewards program, is offered by many casinos as a way to reward loyal and diligent players. Points are awarded for every wager made with real money. The number of points awarded varies in each casino and also depends on the type of game being played. These points can then be exchanged for real money. The specific number of points required to be collected before they can be exchanged, as well as when they can be exchanged, varies from casino to casino.

Often, cashback bonus programs are tied to the VIP program of the casino. The higher a player climbs in the VIP program, the better the cashback bonuses become. VIP status combined with cashback bonuses is a very profitable combination overall. More information about this can be found in the VIP Cashback section.

Cashback bonus for VIPs – The perfect duo!

One of the main reasons to become a VIP in casinos is the highly appealing VIP and high roller bonus offers provided by the casino providers.

The VIP repertoire of many casino providers also includes the cashback bonus. The cashback bonus is considered the ultimate bonus for VIPs. As mentioned in the cashback bonus program section, the bonus amount is often tied to the VIP status if the casino has a loyalty program. This information can usually be found in the casino’s info section before signing up. The VIP and high rollers are often divided into categories such as Gold VIP, Platinum VIP, Diamond VIP, etc. The higher the status, the higher the cashback bonus. Many casinos offer cashbacks of up to an incredible 50%!

Once you have made it to the casino VIP Olympus, you often also have the opportunity to ask directly to the personal account manager for a cashback bonus.

How is cashback different from other bonuses?

The main difference is again apparent in the name: cashback, meaning money back, means that you have already spent your money before claiming the bonus. Whether reload bonuses, Welcome Bonus, basically any other type of bonus offer is claimed at the time of deposit, before you even start playing.

In some casinos, it is required to claim the cashback bonus before playing, but you will still receive it after playing and also only if a loss was made.

Probably the biggest advantage of cashback over other bonus offers are the low turnover requirements that are attached to it. Some casinos even offer their customers a cashback without any wagering, but these are rare and the absolute exception. Nevertheless, the turnover conditions are generally extremely favorable, so that some players can not only get back their lost stake, but also still earn profits.

Are there any disadvantages with a cashback bonus?

We should not consider these as disadvantages at this point. After all, when you spend your money on something, you don’t necessarily expect to get any of it back.

However, the casino does not simply give this bonus back. Like any good exchange deal, both sides should benefit from it. Since the casino doesn’t want you to win one of the jackpots with their own money, there are maximum withdrawal limits for most cashbacks. These limits are based on either the deposit amount made or the cashback bonus amount.

In most cases, the limit is ten times the deposit or bonus amount. One thing to keep in mind here: Once the (usually very low) turnover requirements are met, the winnings become part of your normal bankroll and are no longer bound by withdrawal limits.

Author Lucas Costa