Our evaluation criteria

Lucas Costa
September 17, 2023

Online casinos are plentiful. But which providers are truly excellent? We endeavor to find out! In our comprehensive test reports, we thoroughly examine all online casinos. We evaluate various criteria to provide a transparent impression. Every player can fully understand all ratings.

License and security

In the casino, security is of utmost importance. One can only trust a reliable provider to consistently pay out winnings. Reputable brands in the industry can be identified by their licenses, which we thoroughly examine in every test report. Furthermore, we assess the company’s background and determine if it has a long-standing presence and a good reputation. Many gambling companies are now listed on the stock exchange, which is an additional indicator of their seriousness. When evaluating security, factors such as player protection and youth protection are also considered.

Evaluation criterionScore
Valid license availableup to 3 points
Extra section on responsible gaming1 point
Option to set your own limits when opening an account1 point
Links and references to charities1 point
General security like SSL protocol and 18+ information1 point
Additional security layer through authenticator and security questions1 point
Terms and conditions in US language0.5 points
Long market presence and a good reputation in the casino/betting market1 point

Payment methods

With all payments, players should be able to rely on secure and fast processing in the casino. Of course, the available payment methods in the online casino play an important role. They should be secure and from well-known providers. In addition, players should be able to rely on fast processing of deposits and withdrawals. For new players, we also pay attention to low minimum amounts for the payments, while we evaluate the maximum amounts for high rollers. Also, the possible fees are of equal interest to all players. If these do not exist, this is a clear advantage.

Evaluation criterionPoints
Number of payment methodsup to 5 points
Secure and well-known providers1 point
Deposit or withdrawal free of charge2 points
Withdrawal limitsup to 5 points
Simple verification process with instructions1 point
Information on payments available on the website and easily accessibleup to 5 points
Information on payment methods can be viewed without logging in1 point
Minimum deposit of 10$2 points
Offers the following payment options:
  • Credit card
  • E-wallets
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Prepaid cards
up to 4 points

Bonus and bonus conditions

As experienced experts, we know that a bonus is about more than just the summary and percentage value. Of course, these two values play a role in the evaluation. However, the applicable conditions are far more important. Which payment methods are allowed for the bonus? And how often does the bonus have to be wagered and over what period of time? We take a very close look at all the details of the offers in order to be able to give as accurate an assessment as possible.

Evaluation criteriaPoints
Bonus amount $ vs %1 point
Highroller bonus available?1 point
Without deposit1 point
Minimum deposit low (up to 10$)2 points
Minimum deposit moderate (10-20$)1 point
Free spins yes / no1 point
All payment methods allowed?2 points
Turnover requirements fair (only bonus / deposit)2 points
Moderate turnover requirements (bonus + deposit not more than 30x)1 point
Time limit for conversion fair (more than 30 days)2 points
Time limit for conversion moderate (14-30 days)1 point

Mobile app

A mobile app is an essential part of online casinos. However, the way providers offer their mobile portfolio varies greatly. Many companies opt for a web-based solution, which can be accessed directly through the browser. This eliminates the need to consider specific operating systems or free up memory space. However, we also investigate whether a download app is available as an alternative and evaluate the ease of navigation in the mobile platform.

Evaluation criteriaPoints
Web app1 point
Download app1 point
Extra Mobile Bonus0.5 points
Good search filters mobileup to 5 points
Good menu navigation mobile1 point
Link to download on website0.5 points


If problems arise, you should never be left alone as a player. The customer support rating is based on several factors. First, we check the contact times and contact methods. Email support is a must. Points are also awarded for live chat. The response time is also included in the rating. Additionally, if the provider offers a FAQ section.

Evaluation criterionScore
Customer support in the US2 points
24/7 live chat1 point
Support easy to find on the website0.5 points
FAQ section1 point
Answer by e-mail within 24h0.5 points
Response quality1 point
Friendliness of staff1 point

Game maker

The success of an online casino relies heavily on its range of games. The more developers involved, the greater the variety in the game portfolio. This allows us to better evaluate the provider. We also investigate which specific providers are involved, whether they are well-known or unknown companies. Additionally, we evaluate the potential growth in the game selection. After all, providers regularly develop new games that players want to experience.

Evaluation criterionScore
Game manufacturer with over 70 games2 points
Game manufacturer with over 50 games1.5 points
Game manufacturer with over 10 games1 point

Other advantages and disadvantages

In the evaluation of the casinos, we also take into account the other advantages and disadvantages of the providers. Some online casinos have positioned themselves with modern cryptocurrencies, for example. Other providers rely on particularly spectacular promotions for existing customers or even offer you a VIP program. With a high degree of creativity and good nature, a provider can therefore once again get real plus points out of this.

Frequently asked questions about our evaluation criteria

Who sets the evaluation criteria?

Our evaluation criteria are determined through a collaborative project in our editorial team. Each of us is an experienced player and we have compiled the most important points and assigned weights to them. This ensures fair casino comparisons for you.

Why do other sites rate a casino differently than GamblingID.com?

If a casino is rated significantly differently on other sites compared to ours, it is usually because their reports are outdated. We constantly review and update our test reports to ensure that they are current and provide maximum security.

Author Lucas Costa