Online Casinos with a US License

Lucas Costa
September 17, 2023

The first online casinos operating under a US license made their debut in June 2022. Casino operators seeking a US license must meet rigorous requirements. However, there are new guidelines for us as well: online gambling sites bearing a US license can no longer be featured alongside casinos holding international licenses.

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📑 The New US Online Casino License

To obtain an official US license, online casinos must adhere to the regulations outlined in the State Treaty on the New Regulation of Gambling in the USA. This treaty came into effect in 2021 following its endorsement by all 16 US states. Since then, online casino operators have had the opportunity to apply for a fully legal US license.

The specifications and regulations governing this license are distinct and not directly comparable to other online casino licenses. The issuance of the license falls under the purview of the state administration office.

👉 The objectives are clearly defined:

  • Prevent the development of addiction and establish effective addiction control measures.
  • Channel society’s natural inclination for gambling into regulated avenues.
  • Safeguard the interests of young individuals and players.
  • Shield players from criminal activities.

Regulations of the New US Casino License

The objectives outlined in the State Treaty on Gaming are to be realized through stringent rules and measures. In fact, these regulations are even more stringent than those set by the Maltese Gaming Authority (MGA) and surpass the requirements for licenses issued to Curacao casinos.

We will detail the key regulations of the new US online casino license and elucidate their implications for you as a player in the following sections.

  1. Maximum Deposit and Wager Limits
  2. Game Selection
  3. Payment Providers
  4. Bonus Offers
  5. Responsible Gaming

These stipulations are designed to bolster player protection, promote responsible gaming practices, and ensure the integrity of online gambling in the US.

Maximum Deposit and Stake Limits

Limits are also imposed on deposits, with a maximum of $1,000 permitted per player per month at online casinos. Additionally, due to the interconnected nature of US-licensed casinos, it’s not feasible to deposit $1,000 at each casino.

While this sum may be inconsequential for some players, many would typically exceed this limit with a single deposit. Consequently, high rollers may find their options constrained in US casinos.

The fundamental concept behind these limits is to prevent players from spiraling into financial hardship. This is a commendable objective and can be effective for players at online casinos with a US license. However, it would be beneficial if players with a suitable credit rating could access higher limits.

The next rule pertains to wagering: players are restricted to a maximum stake of $1 per game round.

🎰 Game Selection

Stringent regulations govern the types of games available at US casinos, with a focus on slot games in the future. Live casino games, table games, as well as keno and scratch cards, are not allowed.

It’s worth noting that individual states have the authority to decide whether they will allow table games, but this permission is limited to players within that state. However, online gaming platforms currently do not offer table games.

This situation has two facets: Some players may not mind the restriction, especially if they primarily engage with slot games. However, those who prefer a broader range of gaming options will likely continue to explore casinos without a US license.

Regarding slot games, there is a new requirement. A 5-second pause must be observed between each spin. This pause is designed to encourage responsible gaming and ensure that players do not impulsively continue playing indefinitely. The interlude is intended to prompt players to consider concluding their gaming session.

In addition to virtual slot machine games, casinos have the opportunity to apply for online poker tables. This development heralds the return of online poker to the US market, catering to its substantial fan base. Although lower stakes may be in play, the US regulation holds promising prospects for online poker’s future.

Payment Providers

US-licensed casinos enjoy a significant advantage when it comes to payment providers: PayPal collaborates with these casinos. Overall, the casinos are well-equipped and offer a variety of payment methods, including:

Excluded from the list are payment methods such as prepaid cards and cryptocurrencies. Any payment method offered must be unequivocally linked to the player.

For instance, players wishing to make a credit card deposit can only do so if the card is issued in their name.

Bonus Offers

Players who appreciate bonus offers will still find them at US-licensed casinos. Both welcome bonuses and ongoing promotions for existing customers remain available. However, the breadth of online casino bonus offerings is somewhat reduced, with amalgamated bonuses and bonuses spanning multiple deposits initially not permitted.

Responsible Gaming

The measures introduced by the new US State Gambling Treaty are evidently focused on fostering responsible gaming.

However, it’s important to recognize that, regardless of the extent of regulations and constraints imposed on players, every player remains ultimately responsible for their own actions. The primary role of the law in this context is to promote awareness and provide guidance, but it cannot assume direct responsibility for individual players’ decisions and behavior.

Advantages & Disadvantages of the US License


  • ✅ Completely legal US casinos
  • ✅ Reintroduction of PayPal as a payment option
  • ✅ Many slot games are already permitted
  • ✅ Requirement of US-based customer support
  • ✅ Restriction on excessive indebtedness


  • 🛑 Low limits for high rollers
  • 🛑 Maximum bet set at $1
  • 🛑 Prohibition of live casino games and jackpots
  • 🛑 Non-acceptance of anonymous payment methods
  • 🛑 Stringent state monitoring

Casinos with US License and PayPal

PayPal casinos are making a comeback in the US market! After suspending its collaboration with online casinos in 2019, this popular payment service will soon be available once more in casinos with a US license. According to PayPal, it boasts 29.1 million active users in the USA, a substantial portion of whom are casino enthusiasts.

How to Identify a Legal US Online Casino

A licensed US casino is included on the official White List of the US joint gambling authority.

License information can be found at the bottom of the casino’s homepage, allowing for easy verification.

In our reviews, we exclusively feature casinos that hold licenses in the USA.

Outlook: The Evolution of the New US Casino License

After initially encountering challenges and significant criticism, an increasing number of online casinos are now successfully obtaining the new US license. We expect that all casinos currently holding a license will also apply for this new US license.

Since 2020, our editorial team has been informed by several partners that they intend to submit applications for this license. Consequently, they have temporarily suspended their operations in the US casino market.

While the selection of US-licensed casinos may remain somewhat limited, the increasing presence of these casinos is a positive development, particularly in terms of tax revenues for the state. More is certainly better in this regard.

However, it’s worth noting that many players will likely continue to visit and take a minor risk by playing at casinos without stringent restrictions, as long as it remains a viable option.

Additional Online Casino Licenses

The increasing popularity and regulation of online casinos have led to the issuance of additional licenses to operators in various jurisdictions. These licenses serve to ensure that online casinos adhere to specific standards, regulations, and player protections. As a result, players can enjoy a safer and more regulated gaming environment. Here are some key aspects of additional online casino licenses:

  1. Licensing Jurisdictions: Online casinos can obtain licenses from various jurisdictions, including Malta, Gibraltar, the United Kingdom, Isle of Man, and Curacao, among others. Each jurisdiction has its own set of regulations and requirements.
  2. Player Protections: Online casino licenses often come with player protection measures. This can include responsible gambling tools, dispute resolution processes, and financial security measures.
  3. Regulatory Oversight: Licensing authorities typically provide regulatory oversight to ensure that online casinos operate fairly and transparently. They may conduct audits and investigations to enforce compliance.
  4. Taxation: The taxation of online casinos can vary depending on the licensing jurisdiction. Some jurisdictions impose higher taxes on casino operators, which can affect the bonuses and promotions offered to players.
  5. Reputation and Trust: An online casino with a reputable license is more likely to gain players’ trust. Licensing authorities often require background checks and financial stability from casino operators.
  6. Market Access: Different licenses may grant access to specific markets. For example, a license from the United Kingdom allows operators to cater to UK players. Access to certain markets may require additional licenses or approvals.

In conclusion, additional online casino licenses play a crucial role in regulating the online gambling industry. They help establish standards, protect players, and ensure fair and responsible gaming practices. Players should look for casinos with reputable licenses to ensure a safe and enjoyable gaming experience.

Play at Legal Online Casinos with a US License

Escape the gray area and enjoy online casinos that are 100% legal with a US license. While US regulation may cater to players who primarily enjoy slots, high rollers and those who prefer live casino and table games might find it less satisfying under this license.

The limitation to only slots could leave many players in a quandary, and the maximum deposit limit of $1000 per month across all US casinos may seem quite restrictive. However, the maximum stake of $1 per spin is still acceptable.

Overall, it’s a positive development that we now have regulation in the USA. The new casinos with a US license will hopefully gain traction and continue to evolve within the regulatory framework. The entire team, including myself, will keep you updated.

Author Lucas Costa