Online casinos with a US license

Lucas Costa
September 17, 2023

The first online casinos with a US license entered the market in June 2022. Casino operators who wish to obtain a US license must meet stringent requirements. However, there are also new rules for us: online gambling sites with a US license can no longer be displayed alongside casinos that hold international licenses.

New US Online Casino License – GlüStV 2021

Online casinos must comply with the State Treaty on the New Regulation of Gambling in USA in order to obtain an official US license. The State Treaty on Gambling came into effect in 2021 after being signed by all 16 US states. Online casino operators have been able to apply for a 100% legal US license since then.

The specifications and regulations for this license are unique and cannot be compared to other online casino licenses. The state administration office of Saxony-Anhalt is responsible for granting the license.

📑 The GlüStV 2021 consists of 35 paragraphs. In §1, the goals are defined:

  • Prevent the development of addiction and establish addiction control
  • Guide society’s natural gambling instinct into regulated channels
  • Ensure the protection of young people and players
  • Ensure players are protected from criminal activities

Rules of the new US casino license

The objectives of the State Treaty on Gaming are to be achieved via strict rules and measures. In fact, these are even stricter than the licensing by the Maltese gaming authority MGA and also stricter than in the case of the granting of licenses to Curacao casinos.

We will show the most important rules of the new US online casino license and what they mean for you as a player in the following sections.

  1. Player blocking system OASIS
  2. Maximum deposit and stakes
  3. Game offers
  4. Payment providers
  5. Bonus offers
  6. 6

Responsible Gaming

OASIS Player Blocking System

OASIS is a comprehensive system aimed at player protection. Players have the ability to block themselves from accessing online casinos, as well as being blocked by operators of both online casinos and brick-and-mortar gaming arcades.

It’s important to note that OASIS is not exclusive to online casinos; every official gaming arcade in the USA is also connected to the OASIS blocking system. When a player is banned, as much data as possible is collected, including any false names that can be linked to the player.

A ban is typically lifted after one year. However, if a player blocks themselves, the chosen time period for the ban remains in effect. Legally, a minimum ban of 3 months is required, and early unblocking is not possible.

Maximum deposit and stakes

There are also limits for deposits: Maximum $1000 per month may be deposited per player in online casinos. Due to the networking of casinos with a US license, it is also not possible to deposit $1000 per casino.

This sum is probably irrelevant for some players. Nevertheless, there are many players who would normally exceedthe limit with just one deposit. In US casinos, this takes the wind out of the sails of high rollers.

The basic idea is that players should no longer drive themselves to financial ruin. This is understandable and the measure could also work for players in online casinos with a US license. However, we would like to see players with the appropriate credit rating be allowed to unlock higher turnovers as well.

The next rule then applies to the stakes: a maximum of 1 euro per game round is allowed.

Game offers

There are strict restrictions on the subject of game offerings: US casinos may only offer slots in the future. Live casino games, Table games, as well as Keno and scratch cards, are forbidden.

🎰 Important: The individual federal states may decide whether to allow table games. The approval then applies exclusively to players in the respective federal state. However, there are currently no table games available in online gaming arcades.

Again, there are two sides to the coin: Some players won’t mind this, as they mainly play slots anyway. Any player who likes more variety will nevertheless continue to play at Casinos without a US license.

With the slot machines, it then comes to another new point. Between each spin there must be a 5-second pause. This is to calm down the game behavior and ensure that players do not just play on and on in anger. The pause in memory should then rather lead to the termination of the game.

In addition to virtual slot machine games, casinos can also apply for online poker tables. Thus, online poker will come back to the US market and serve the large fan base. Even if lower sums of money have to be played, the US regulation holds a very positive future here.

Payment provider

When it comes to payment providers, casinos with a US license have an absolute ace up their sleeve: PayPal cooperates with the US casinos. Overall, however, the casinos are well positioned and offer these payment methods, among others:

Missing will be, for example, prepaid cards and cryptocurrencies. Any payment method that may be offered must be clearly associated with the player.

For example, those who want to deposit with a credit card can only do so if it is issued in their name.

Bonus offers

Players who enjoy taking advantage of bonus offers can also look forward to them at casinos licensed in the USA. Both welcome bonuses and bonuses for existing customers are available. However, the online casino bonus offers are no longer as extensive. Combined bonuses and bonus offers on multiple deposits are also initially not allowed.

Responsible gaming

All measures of the new US State Gambling Treaty are clearly intended to encourage responsible gaming.

Because no matter how many restrictions or regulations guide the player, every player is still responsible for themselves. The most a law can do here is to help raise awareness, but the GlüStV cannot take responsibility.

Advantages & disadvantages of the US license


  • ✅ absolutely legal US casinos
  • ✅ PayPal available in casinos again
  • ✅ many slots are already allowed
  • ✅ US-speaking customer support is mandatory
  • ✅ strong indebtedness is excluded


  • 🛑 Highroller has too low limits
  • 🛑 The maximum bet is 1$
  • 🛑 Live casino and jackpots are prohibited
  • 🛑 Anonymous payment methods are not accepted
  • 🛑 The state conducts strong monitoring

Casinos with US license and PayPal

PayPal casinos are making a comeback in the US market! After pausing its cooperation with online casinos in 2019, the popular payment service can soon be used again in casinos with a US license. According to PayPal, it has 29.1 million active users in the USA, and among them are many casino players.

How to recognize a legal US online casino

  1. The casino is on the official White List of the joint gambling authority of the USA as a licensed casino.
  2. At the bottom of the casino’s home page, you can find information about its license and verify it.
  3. In our reviews, we only cover casinos that are licensed in the USA.

Review: Casino license from Schleswig-Holstein

Currently, the license from Schleswig-Holstein is often referred to as a US license. This is indeed the case, as the license is officially approved for players who have their habitual residence or domicile in Schleswig-Holstein and is still valid due to a transitional arrangement.

The transitional regulation will be valid until 31.12.2024. Starting from 1.1.2025, casinos with a Schleswig-Holstein license will either need to obtain a new US license or cease their operations.

Currently, the following casinos hold a license from Schleswig-Holstein:

Outlook: Development of the new US casino license

After facing initial challenges and receiving substantial criticism, an increasing number of online casinos are obtaining the new US license. We anticipate that all casinos holding a Schleswig-Holstein license will also apply for the new US license.

Since 2020, our editorial team has been informed by several partners that they too will be submitting applications. As a result, they have temporarily removed their offerings from the US casino market.

Although the selection will always be limited, we are excited about the presence of many casinos with a US license. This is beneficial for the state in terms of tax revenues – the more, the better.

However, many players will continue to visit and take a minor risk by playing in the gray area at casinos without restrictions, as long as it remains possible.

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  • Play in legal online casinos with a US license

    Get out of the gray area and play in 100% legal online casinos licensed in the US. While the US regulation may pose a risk for players who primarily play slots, high rollers and those who enjoy live casino and table games may not be satisfied with the US license.

    I also have concerns about the restriction to only slots, as this leaves many players in a gray area. Additionally, I find the maximum deposit limit of $1000 per month across all US casinos to be too low. However, the maximum stake of $1 per spin is still acceptable.

    Overall, I am glad that we finally have a regulation in the USA. The new casinos with a US license will hopefully be well received and continue to develop within the framework of the regulation. I, as well as the entire team, will keep you up to date.

    Frequently asked questions about the US license – FAQ

    Which casinos have a US license?
    More and more casinos are getting the license from the USA. Here you can find all casinos with a US license.
    Are online casinos legal in the USA?
    Yes, with the new US casino license, online gambling houses are 100% legal. The pros and cons of the license we have here for you.
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