At first it was just a small company operating within Sweden, its homeland, but as the years progressed Netent expanded further and further. This has even gone so far that Netent is currently among the most popular producers in the entire world.

Together with the experience gained in the twenty years of Netent’s existence, this well-known popularity could lead to the statement that the company delivers quality regardless. However, this is a rather simple form of inference that we do not want to participate in. Hence, we treat Netent as if it were a developer like any other, which therefore means that we scrutinize everything, both the strengths and weaknesses.

The qualities of Netent

What makes Netent especially very strong is that they don’t have one point where they stand out, but that they are among the top in several areas. One such area is the level of the chances of winning. This has first of all to do with the fact that the games of a Netent Casino have a fine, attractive point scoring system at all, but also especially that many games of this company make use of a so-called ‘progressive jackpot’.

This means that part of each player’s stake always ends up in a large, virtual pot, which eventually becomes so full that it is distributed to one of the players. This way, you can rake in large sums of money at once. However this is not the only reason why Netent is so popular, also the design and gameplay of the video slots of the developer are of a very high quality.


These points are especially important to give you as a player a good feeling and to make it possible to play for a long time without it getting boring, something that video slots from other producers tend to have. The video slot Starbust, which can be called their flagship, is perhaps the best example of this, as this game has a beautiful layout and is also very fun to play. What further characterizes them in a good sense is that the company is very innovative.

With some regularity they force developments in the casino world themselves and are otherwise always lightning quick to adopt those of others. Netent was one of the first developers that came up with mobile gambling, something that is now an integral part of the online casino landscape, and they are also a forerunner when it comes to live gambling.

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Comments on this producer

Because Netent has so many advantages, there is actually very little to say about this developer. On every point, they are simply among the best. However, what can be put forward as an argument against playing Netent is that the video slots with a progressive jackpot may yield gigantic unexpected winnings, but these winnings are generated by the players themselves. This is because during regular play, they are continually surrendering a portion of their stake in order to fill the jackpot, money that they will never see again if they don’t win the jackpot. What is true however is that nobody forces you to play a video slot with a progressive jackpot. After all, Netent has plenty of other video slots to play as well.