Today, a Trustly casino, is the solution for casinos. It has become one of the most important payment methods in the Netherlands and offers its services to more than 50 million customers in 29 European countries.

The most well-known banks are connected, so you almost always have the possibility to make a deposit with Trustly at an online casino.
Trustly is a safe payment methodTrustly is a safe payment method

What is Trustly?

Trustly is operated by Trustly Group AB and is a simple, fast and secure online payment system for banks, consumers and markets. This technology company was founded in 2008 and in 2010 they opened a new office in Malta. Between 2010 and 2011, they had already completed more than 1 million transactions. In 2011 they were even awarded “Rising Star” status for second fastest growing technology company in Sweden, and for good reason.

Trustly has not gone unnoticed by online gambling companies either. You can find a Truslty Casino more and more often. We went looking for the best Trustly casinos, so you can use this safe banking option yourself one day.

In 2014, Trustly came up with an innovative product, namely “Payout Express”. This feature allows for direct payments to bank accounts in the Eurozone. Today, over 7 million transactions are made each month and it is among one of the most reliable deposit and payout options you can find at an online casino.

Depositing with Trustly

To deposit money at an online casino you can go to the payment page of a casino. These are indicated in several variants such as ‘Payments’, ‘Banking’ or ‘Cashier’. From there you can select Trustly and indicate which bank you are affiliated with. A pop-up window will appear in which you provide personal and financial information. Then all you have to do is confirm the payment and your money will be transferred from your own bank to the online casino. See below how a deposit procedure works:

  • Go to the payment page of an online casino
  • Look for the icon
  • Select Trustly and indicate which bank you want to use to make the deposit
  • Fill in the pop-up form with personal and bank details
  • Enter an amount you plan to deposit
  • Follow all the instructions to process the deposit
  • Confirm the payment
  • Depositing money through a bank connected to this method one of the fastest ways to deposit money. It is advisable to always read the terms and conditions carefully before making a deposit. Processing times may vary per Trustly casino. Cashing out can also be done and will follow the same procedure as depositing. Keep in mind that not every online casino accepts Trustly as a withdrawal method. Thus, it is possible to deposit money, but you cannot cash out the winnings.

    Limits and fees for depositing and withdrawing

    Before you deposit you can check what the minimum required deposit is at the online casino of your choice. In most cases this is £10 or £20. Most Trustly casinos require a minimum deposit of €20 with Trustly. On the payment page, this is clearly outlined. One more thing to consider is the fact that Trustly may ask for a fee per deposit or they may have deposited it with your own banking system. From my own experience, it is common that the maximum payout with Trustly is €4000. When withdrawing money, of course, there may be processing fees involved again.

    The benefits of Trustly online casinos

    Due to the fact that Trustly is nowadays a frequently used banking option at online casinos, some casino sites give away an exclusive casino bonus if you deposit money using this particular option. The details of this can be found in the “Promotion” section or under “Welcome Package/Welcome Bonus”.

    It also has a number of other important advantages such as the fact that transactions are often processed instantly and you don’t have to wait long for your money. Moreover, you use your own bank and its security systems and you can be sure that every money transaction is carried out through a highly secure connection.

    For tablet and smartphones, a Trustly online casino is extremely suitable. Deposits via mobile are fast, safe and anonymous. There are two more disadvantages to depositing money with Trustly. One is that your bank must have an agreement with Trustly, but in the Netherlands (and Europe) most banks are affiliated with it. Another disadvantage is that extra commission fees may be charged.

    Can Trustly be trusted?

    Trustly is, just like Paysafecard or Skrill, a very reliable banking option and has a European license to process payment services between consumers and businesses. Because you do not have to register an account while making a deposit and they only act as an intermediary, no information is stored.


    It will take some getting used to due to the fact that transactions are directly deposited into your Trustly Casino account after confirming the payment. Basically, Trustly is reliable and is an excellent replacement for when there is no other payment method available at the online casino. On we have searched for a number of Trustly casinos. This way you can test yourself how fast and safe a money transaction is with this trusted means of payment.