Novomatic enters the online market

It did so by taking over Greentube Internet Entertainment Solutions, which was founded in 1998. They did this because of the knowledge they had in developing online gambling games. Because of the experience they had at Novomatic, it was expected that the online games from Novomatic would be among the absolute top. Whether this has actually happened, five years later, we will examine in this article. We will put the pros and cons of Novomatic in a row for you.

The points where Novomatic scores high

When talking about Novomatic and in particular about the qualities of this developer, one quickly arrives at the exceptional graphics that you are presented with. No matter how good the other producers are in this respect, Novomatic is always just that little bit better.

The interesting choice of subjects also influences its success. Both these factors lead to the fact that the games from this developer are always particularly atmospheric.


What is important?

Atmosphere is sometimes underestimated when evaluating casino games such as roulette. However, it is forgotten that it is of enormous value because it determines to a large extent whether one enjoys playing the game. That pleasure, of course, also depends on the game itself. So the flexibility with which it is played and the excitement it brings. Also with these two aspects Novomatic is more than okay. This is a matter of innovating and moving with the times, something they understand very well at Novomatic. That they understand this can also be seen in the fact that they frequently work with 3D effects, mobile slots and brand new bonus features, which ensure that you can achieve old-fashioned high winnings.

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Novomatic belongs to the top when it comes to developing online casino games, that much is clear by now. However, even top games inevitably have their weaknesses and Novomatic is no different. For example, it should be noted that the supply of video slots with a progressive jackpot is very limited. They are there, but the choice is rather limited, while this has become such an important form of online gambling.

Furthermore it is striking that at the moment there are only a few online casinos offering Novomatic games, which means that sometimes you will end up at a casino that does not really appeal to you, if you absolutely want to play Novomatic. However, since Novomatic is still a relatively young online provider, it is to be expected that this will change in the coming years.