Adriana Silva

I meticulously test and research every aspect, leaving no stone unturned. I uncover the intricacies of casino games and hunt down every piece of information. My mission is to find the best bonuses for you and explain how to use them effectively.

My work is defined by unwavering dedication and an eye for detail. I combine my bachelor’s degree in journalism with my background as a croupier in my online casino evaluations on

My journey as a travel blogger has deepened my love for writing, and even during my travels, I’ve found solace in online casino games at airports. This experience initially sparked my passion for online casinos, and my meticulous and astute nature enables me to unearth information that others may overlook.

Since I joined in 2018, I’ve conducted numerous research studies on both new and established casinos. I place a premium on ensuring honest player protection and fair payout ratios at these establishments. The thrill of jackpots and roulette truly excites me, and I take pride in providing our community with the most accurate and current information.

NameAdriana Silva
PositionOnline Editor
EducationBachelor’s degree in Journalism & trained Croupiére
InterestsPlayer protection, payout odds & jackpots
Articles written98 author since17 June 2017