Carlos Souza

Full focus on casinos! I’ve been active in the industry forever. So that all other fans also become real experts, I share my knowledge here.

I just did it – that probably describes my career best.

After a mediocre high school diploma, I was accepted to a university in New York. During my business studies, I worked at a gaming hall and got to know not only different players, but also many manufacturers and slot machines. This is also where my relationship with the gambling industry began. From the gaming hall, I moved on to the casino and completed an apprenticeship as a dealer and croupier while still studying. So, during my studies and even for 2 years afterwards, I had permanent jobs in various casinos.

After leaving the land-based casinos behind, I happened to start working as a journalist for a business magazine. I dealt with the economic data of European countries and took a closer look at the gambling industry from a different perspective.

Through my work in the industry and the friendships I have made, I made the decision to launch in 2016. As the founder and editor-in-chief, I primarily work behind the scenes, but I also take the opportunity to fact-check and write updates myself.

NameCarlos Souza
PositionFounder & Editor-in-Chief
EducationBusiness studies (with a focus on online marketing)
InterestsRoulette, progressive jackpots & cryptocurrencies
Number of written articles79
Author at sinceJanuary 25, 2016