Editorial Guidelines at GamblingID.com

The editorial guidelines at GamblingID.com serve as the foundation of our work. They establish fundamental principles that all authors writing about casinos, games, or new gambling offers must adhere to. These guidelines provide authors with a transparent framework to ensure that you, as a reader, can consistently understand the principles we uphold.

Why Do We Implement These Guidelines?

Our passion lies in the realm of gambling. This subject area is sensitive, particularly when combined with advertising. We recognize this reality.

Hence, the editorial team has collectively decided that there must be distinct guidelines in place. We aim to maintain our authenticity and credibility as a hub for casino enthusiasts rather than functioning as a mere advertising platform for companies.

Our editorial management diligently oversees adherence to the boundaries set by our editorial guidelines. This oversight ensures that our content remains consistent, well-researched, and user-centric.

These guidelines also aid us in perpetually enhancing our offerings, allowing us to fulfill our mission of providing pertinent information about gambling offerings.

What Do the Guidelines Apply To?

Our guidelines apply to all content on GamblingID.com, whether it’s reviews, articles about slots, strategies, or general information about gambling.

All editorial guidelines are uniformly applicable to all content and authors on GamblingID.com. The guidelines are consistently enforced.

These guidelines not only pertain to the content itself but also to the quality and informational value. This is especially significant when addressing legal matters that could impact you.

If an author’s text does not genuinely contribute to an informative visit for you and does not aid in your decision-making, it will not be published on our website.

Our Principles and Values

We uphold strict principles daily, which encompass working with integrity and recognizing the sensitivity of gambling and casinos.

Our awareness and commitment to our mission underline the importance of preserving our values and principles. We do not fabricate stories; instead, we actively debunk falsehoods and myths.

Facts and Data

A fundamental aspect of our policy is to provide 100 percent accurate facts and figures that are extensively researched and verified.

These facts can evolve over time, which is why we regularly revisit the casinos we review to capture any updates for you. It’s crucial to us that our information is current, dependable, and accurate to equip our readers with reliable knowledge.

No Plagiarism

At GamblingID.com, we strictly forbid plagiarism, where an author duplicates content from other authors. Plagiarism is not tolerated and leads to immediate removal from our team.

Our commitment is to deliver unique and original content on GamblingID.com. Every article, review, or post on our website is distinctive and offers added value to our readers.

We prioritize avoiding duplications and consistently strive to present unique perspectives and information.

Our Team of Experts

A dedicated and professional team of authors forms the foundation of our conscientious work, setting us apart. Our team comprises experts and professionals in the gambling field.

Our authors bring extensive expertise and experience to the table, ensuring that our content is professional and well-grounded. Learn more about our casino experts and their backgrounds.

We collaborate with both permanent employees and freelancers, all of whom are well-established experts in their respective fields. Freelancers undergo the same rigorous selection process as our in-house staff, guaranteeing high quality.

Find out more about career opportunities at GamblingID.com.

Sources and References

We draw on a variety of sources for knowledge and specific information, including press releases, newspaper articles, social media, and similar platforms. These sources are carefully chosen to ensure the accuracy and credibility of our content.

All our sources are clearly attributed by the authors, adhering to journalistic standards and upholding trust and transparency at all times.

Mistakes Can Happen – We Remain Transparent!

We acknowledge that, despite our diligence, errors can occur. In such cases, we are committed to being transparent and open.

We take feedback seriously and are always ready to rectify mistakes and improve our content. Our readers can reach out to us via the contact form if they come across any errors or discrepancies. We appreciate your cooperation!

Guest Articles

From time to time, we feature guest authors who possess special expertise and experience in the gambling industry. These guest authors enrich our website with new insights and perspectives.

Their contributions are clearly marked as such. Guest authors also undergo checks to ensure compliance with our editorial guidelines, ensuring their contributions align with our standards.

Affiliate Links and Partners

Yes, we use affiliate links on our website, but we do so responsibly. We carefully select partners and offers that best serve our target audience and community.

Within our content, we provide both internal links to further articles and affiliate links to gambling providers in a thematically appropriate manner, offering opportunities for additional information.

Our decisions are driven by providing value to our readers, not simply listing links.

Business Relations

GamblingID.com is financially supported through partnerships with gambling providers. However, it’s important to note that our ratings cannot be influenced or purchased.

This is explicitly communicated to all our business partners before any collaboration begins and is detailed in our contracts. This ensures we maintain full authenticity and credibility in our reviews and recommendations.

Artificial Intelligence – How We Use It

We employ Artificial Intelligence as a supportive tool in our content generation process. AI aids our writers in research and analysis, but the core content is always crafted by our human writers.

We never solely rely on information derived from ChatGPT or other tools.

Your Comments Are Welcome

We maintain an open comment section and welcome critical discussions, comments, and feedback. However, please be aware that we cannot publish spam comments or comments that raise legal concerns.

Combining Recommendations and Integrity

Our evaluation criteria and editorial guidelines serve as guiding principles to harmonize recommendations with editorial integrity. Our goal is to provide trustworthy and valuable content to our readers to assist them in making informed decisions in the realm of gambling.

We offer recommendations based on thorough research and reviews, while ensuring our integrity by only endorsing what we wholeheartedly believe in.


Why are editorial guidelines important to GamblingID.com?

Editorial guidelines are crucial to GamblingID.com as they are integral in providing our readers with a high-quality and dependable website. They ensure that our content is consistent, well-researched, and user-friendly, allowing us to offer pertinent information about online casinos.

What role do facts and data play in the editorial content on GamblingID.com?

Facts and data form the foundation of our content and are meticulously researched and reviewed to furnish our readers with reliable knowledge. We prioritize maintaining up-to-date, trustworthy, and accurate information.

Who are the authors of GamblingID.com and what qualifications do they have?

The authors at GamblingID.com are experts and professionals in the field of online gambling. They bring substantial expertise and experience to ensure that the content is professional and well-informed.

How are errors handled in the editorial content on GamblingID.com?

Although we aim for accuracy, errors can occasionally appear in our editorial content. When errors or inconsistencies are identified, we are transparent and forthright about them. We highly value feedback and are committed to rectifying mistakes and enhancing our content. Readers can contact us at any time through the contact form if they come across any errors.

How is Artificial Intelligence used on GamblingID.com?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used on GamblingID.com as a supportive tool in the content generation process. AI assists writers with research and analysis, but the majority of the content is always created by human writers. The site never solely relies on information generated by ChatGPT or other tools.