Mobile Scratch Cards Online

Lucas Costa
September 17, 2023

Today, scratch cards come in various forms, including physical scratch cards, online casino tickets, and scratch cards on smartphones, iPhones, or tablets. Referred to as scratch cards, these digital versions on smartphones closely resemble real scratch cards and are fully optimized for mobile play at online casinos.

Advantages of mobile scratch cards over purchased tickets

It’s been proven that the odds of winning virtual scratch cards are higher than the ones you buy in a store, which is simply because digital scratch cards are more like slot machines and how they work. This is comparable to the so-called return to player rate (RTP), which is higher in online casinos for almost all games than in land-based casinos.

In online casinos, you also have the advantage that the RTP rate is always indicated, while in land-based casinos, you do not get any information about it. In addition, you get your winnings directly to your account, while with real cards, you have to go to a suitable store to pick up your winnings.

You can scratch the fields on your smartphone or tablet just like in real life, which provides the same experience with increased chances of winning. In the online version, you simply need to click on the respective field and then move your fingers back and forth to reveal the content. Depending on the game, you may also enjoy enhanced graphics and animations.

Online casinos with scratch cards

Bonus offers and mobile scratch cards

Scratch cards have long been neglected in terms of their availability in online casinos in their mobile form, but this has changed dramatically in recent years, thanks to the aforementioned advantages.

There are not as many bonus offers for mobile scratch cards compared to slots, but there are reputable online casinos that are well-known for their scratch card offerings. These include Gratorama casino, which focuses on scratch cards and also offers bonuses in its mobile app, or PrimeScratchCards, where you can even get free tickets without making a deposit.

Author Lucas Costa