Strategy for mobile scratch cards

Lucas Costa
September 17, 2023

How to uncover scratch cards seems as simple as multiplication tables, namely by simply moving your fingers over the squares and scratching them free. The following is mainly about mobile scratch cards and their different variants, where you need to know what to look for.

Just like with traditional scratch cards at online casinos, it also makes a fundamental difference on the smartphone, iPhone or tablet to know more and thus have the advantage of the game on your side. Moreover, it is easier to find out your favorite games without having to search for a really long time.

Different types of mobile scratch cards

Virtual scratch cards provide a wider range of options and opportunities for winning compared to traditional scratch cards. They are particularly popular in the online sector, where there are countless variations to choose from.

Three symbols in a row and three of a kind

The traditional cards in the mobile version require three of the same symbols on the card, regardless of their position on the fields. There are also more modern versions where not only do you have to scratch three of the same symbols, but they must also be in a row, whether horizontally, diagonally, or even across the card.

Clearly, the most preferred and easiest variant is to have three symbols all over the fields. However, there are a few drawbacks here, such as the payout of winnings. Often, rarer combinations, such as three of the same symbols in a horizontal row, reward higher winnings, as indicated in the paytable of each game.

Online casinos with scratch cards

Card price and jackpot win

In many scratch card games, the price of the chosen cards has a significant impact on the potential jackpot that can be found in the card. Basically, the higher the prize, the higher the jackpot turns out to be, which is a rule of thumb when it comes to this kind of winnings. Nevertheless, there are always cases where a small stake can lead to a jackpot win, which is of course also possible. You should be on the lookout for these scratch cards in particular, as they have rarity value.

Uncover all fields at once

Many scratch card enthusiasts enjoy the thrill of manually revealing each field, eagerly awaiting the appearance of the next symbol. However, there’s another feature known as “Scratch All” that’s familiar to many. With a single click or touch on your smartphone, iPhone, or cell phone, all the squares become visible without the need to lift another finger.

In the long run, this may reduce the excitement of mobile scratch cards, but it saves a significant amount of time. You can play a much larger number of scratch cards compared to manually uncovering every field on each card. While not all games offer this option, particularly older online and mobile casino scratch cards, those that do allow you to play multiple games simultaneously without losing any time.

Graphics and themes

The function of scratch cards is basically the same, similar to slot machines, whether on a desktop or mobile version. However, the crucial difference here is the themes and graphics, which cannot be compared to scratch cards in the real world. This is what makes online scratch cards, including the mobile version, so successful. The number of variants available here is much greater compared to scratch cards from physical stores.

If you prefer fancy scratch cards with animations, the software manufacturer Playtech is the best choice. If you prefer a more traditional look, mobile scratch cards from NextGen are the right choice.

Special Features in Mobile Scratch Cards

One of the most exciting aspects of scratch cards and mobile versions are the special features, akin to bonus features in slot machines, like free spins. These features can lead to double wins or provide you with an extra ‘free’ scratch without requiring a deposit.

To determine if your favorite mobile game offers these features, it’s best to consult the game rules, which are accessible online for every game. These rules provide information about the game’s return to player rate (RTP) as well as any special features the scratch cards may include.

Author Lucas Costa