Play scratch cards online

Lucas Costa
September 17, 2023


Scratch cards are one of the types of games that offer instant winnings if the right combination is made. Almost everyone knows these little tickets from real life or online casinos, where a certain number of squares must be scratched free or the entire field – if there are at least three identical symbols, that also means ringing coins!

The origin of scratch cards goes back to the 70s, and since then they have enjoyed uninterrupted popularity, whether in analog or digital form. One reason for this is the low stake, which can be followed by much higher winnings. Scratch cards are regulated just like all other games to provide players with a safe and reputable environment.

How scratch cards work

Scratch cards are one of the simplest forms of gambling, requiring no prior knowledge or anything else at all. All you have to do is scratch free squares, which is true for tickets at fairs as well as in state-of-the-art online casinos.

Basically, you need to have three of the same symbols to win, but they can vary and be quite different. The classic symbols include cherries or bells, but there are also themed symbols, for example from movies and the like. Confusion rarely occurs, because as already indicated, you need to have at least 3 of the same symbols to win, or not.

Author Lucas Costa