Casinos without OASIS blocking system

Lucas Costa
September 17, 2023

Online casinos in the USA have been experiencing significant changes since the implementation of the new State Treaty on Gaming (GlüStV) in 2021. These changes have not always been well-received. One of the main concerns is the nationwide introduction of the OASIS gambling ban system.

All US-licensed casinos must be connected to this centrally managed database. OASIS aims to ensure player protection and offers options for self-exclusion and third-party exclusion. However, there are concerns regarding data protection guarantees.

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Is it legal to play at casinos without the OASIS blocking file?

Yes, the casinos without the OASIS blocking file are still legal. The obligation for the OASIS Sperrdatei exists only for the casinos that have a US license from the Darmstadt Regional Council.

This means that you can continue to play at other online casinos with an EU license – for example, casinos with a license from the Malta Gaming Authority.

The OASIS blacklist file explained

The OASIS blocking file is probably new territory for many users at first. The abbreviation OASIS stands for “Online Inquiry Player Status” and is part of the new gambling treaty. Under this gambling agreement, all providers with a US license undertake to use this system and to pass on the players’ data to OASIS.

In this way, all providers of real money games in online casinos can see whether a player is blocked or whether they can open an account and play without any problems. However, OASIS also includes other protection mechanisms:

  • You are not allowed to deposit more than 1,000$ per month in total
  • A stake limit of 1$ applies
  • There must be a five-second gap between individual spins of the slots
  • Card and table games such as roulette or blackjack and progressive jackpots are prohibited

Advantages and disadvantages of casinos without OASIS

There are both advantages and disadvantages of casinos without OASIS. I will compare these in the following list:


  • ✅ Deposits over 1.000$ possible
  • ✅ Larger game selection, including Live Dealer
  • ✅ No 1$ betting limit
  • ✅ Higher payout ratios


  • 🛑 Provider does not have a US license
  • 🛑 No nationwide blocking in case of gambling problems

Reasons for a possible OASIS block

First of all, every player can voluntarily request a self-exclusion from OASIS. However, there are also other circumstances that can lead to an OASIS block. These include, for example, the accumulation of debts, suspicion of gambling addiction, or other verifiable reasons such as court-ordered garnishments or insolvency.

How long does an OASIS block last?

In the case of a self-exclusion, the minimum duration can be specified: Three months is considered the minimum period. If it is an indefinite suspension, 1 year is the minimum duration.

Who can report endangered players to OASIS?

In principle, every player can first self-exclude. Those who wish to do so must contact the casino to initiate this self-exclusion. As a rule, this is done by contacting customer service.

In addition, players who wish to self-exclude can also submit an application directly to the Darmstadt Regional Council. It is important to note that this application cannot be made online. However, you can download the corresponding form on the website.

In addition to self-exclusion, there is also third-party exclusion. This can be implemented by a third party if there are valid reasons. Valid reasons include suspected gambling addiction, high debts, or generally irresponsible gambling behavior.

How can you lift the OASIS exclusion?

The first step in this case is to visit the Website of the Darmstadt Regional Council. There you will find a telephone number, an email address, and a fax number. Through these channels, you can contact the OASIS team of the Darmstadt Regional Council and potentially get answers to your questions.

Please note, however, that there is a distinction between indefinite and temporary player suspensions. In the case of an indefinite player ban (external or self-ban), an application for lifting the ban can be made after a minimum of 1 year. In the case of a temporary player ban, the application can only be submitted after the individually specified term, meaning a temporary ban is valid for at least 3 months.

Once the application has been approved, you (and any third parties involved in a third-party ban) will be notified by the Regierungspräsidium.

Self-blocking and third-party blocking – this is the difference

The difference between a self-exclusion and a third-party exclusion is quite simple. If you want to exclude yourself – for example, if you feel that you are no longer playing responsibly – then you usually do this through the support of the online casino.

Alternatively, you can also submit an application directly to the Darmstadt Regional Council. In the case of a third-party exclusion, the exclusion is imposed by a third party. This can be, for example, a partner or family member who suspects that you may have a problem with gambling addiction.

However, operators of an online casino or even therapists of an aid organization against gambling addiction also belong to this group.

📑 Important: The third-party exclusion cannot be requested by just anyone.

Self-protection without government restrictions

The casinos mentioned without a US license – but with an EU license – offer some options for self-protection even without OASIS. For example, you can also request a self-exclusion via the support there. You often have the choice between a shorter cooling-off period or a permanent exclusion.

In addition, there are often questionnaires on the relevant pages that help you assess your own gaming behavior realistically. Tips for responsible gaming behavior can often be found there as well. Standard links to support organizations are included. In most cases, these include GamCare or Gamblers Anonymous. Links to filter software to prevent minors from accessing the sites can also be found on the player protection pages.

In summary, our experience shows that Casinos without restrictions offer the player absolute security without patronizing the community.

Does the OASIS blocking file affect the credit rating?

No. Your credit rating will not be affected by a possible entry in the OASIS blocking file. The data will not be passed on to Schufa or other credit agencies.

Other topics

There are also online casinos that offer you additional freedoms. Are you searching for crypto casinos, other licenses, or online casinos without limits? Then you’re in the right place:


The OASIS blocking file serves a meaningful purpose and is necessary. First and foremost, it can be utilized as a tool to combat gambling addiction. As a result, bans typically last for a minimum of three months. This block is also effective in preventing access to other online casinos and physical casinos. Therefore, if you are included in the OASIS file, you will be unable to play at any online casino with a US license.

However, there are certain drawbacks to consider. One major limitation is the imposition of specific restrictions, such as betting limits. Furthermore, the variety of games offered at online casinos with a US license is significantly reduced. Another disadvantage is the possibility of third parties requesting a block on your behalf, even if their reasons are plausible.

Alternatively, you can, of course, play in casinos that do not have a US license but an EU license. These are not connected to the OASIS blocking file. In addition, you can still use progressive jackpots there and visit the live casino.

What is OASIS?
OASIS stands for “Online Inquiry Player Status”. Every casino with a US license must be connected to the game blocking system OASIS system. Player protection is the main focus here.
How can I lift the OASIS gaming block?
An OASIS gaming block lasts for at least three months. You must apply for a request to the Darmstadt Regional Council to have the ban lifted. If you make the request at the online casino, for example, it must forward this request to the Darmstadt Regional Council.
Author Lucas Costa