Quality comes out on top at WMS

First of all, this shows that there must be enough experience, secondly, it can also be a sign of quality, since otherwise you cannot survive for so long. But the fact that a company was qualitatively strong in the past and healthy in that sense does not necessarily mean that it still has these qualities today. Therefore, it is time to take a closer look at Williams Manufacturing Company.

This way we can see if the company has a future as long as its past. Of course, we will do this in such a way that both the advantages and disadvantages of WMS can be found in this review.

The strength of this company

Something you regularly see with old developers is that at a certain point they start having trouble innovating and thus lag behind the newer generation, despite their supposed advantage in terms of experience and knowledge. Williams Manufacturing Company also struggled with this problem for a while, which led to them ending up in financial trouble in the year 2012.


Overcoming setbacks

However, thanks to a large dose of willpower and survival instinct, they managed to get back on top. Of course this went hand in hand with the necessary innovations. In just a few years WMS has transformed from a laggard into a trendsetter. This is especially evident when it comes to the mobile casino games. They’ve invested heavily in these, but also in the games themselves you can see all kinds of innovations.

However, these innovations are not the only thing that makes WMS strong. The company is also still characterized by the age-old rule that simplicity is strength. Thus, their slots and other games are not equipped with all kinds of frills. This is what makes them so strong.

Anyone, even less experienced players, can play them. Moreover, when playing they can choose from numerous games. In recent years WMS has built up a sizeable, modern range of games that many a manufacturer can still learn from. Because of their fame they can always place that offer at various casinos. This means you as a player probably won’t have to move from your favorite casino to play WMS games.

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Downsides which should not go unmentioned

It is sometimes said that older people are stingy. This stems from the need to put some money aside for lesser times. Now you can see that as a myth, but the fact is that Williams Manufacturing Company, one of the old warriors in this market, also lacks generosity. This is not so much in the games themselves, as in the normal winnings. It is in the jackpots, which are only present in small amounts. A small blemish on the otherwise excellent WMS.