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When you go to an online casino, there is nothing more frustrating than being confronted with a game that is difficult to play. As a gambler, beginner or advanced, you want to play right away without having to read up on the rules of the game.

At Wild Streak Gaming, we believe that a gambler should be familiar with the game right away. This is why they only offer systems that are easy to understand, without copying an existing game. In this way, they offer the gambler what he needs; entertainment and odds of winning that are the same for everyone.

Wild Streak Gaming Review

The moment you start playing a game in an online casino you will find out that the spinning wheels and the symbols work according to a certain principle. This is why people who are mathematically savvy are so good at gambling. They estimate their chances of winning well and they know when to take risks. The mathematical aspect that is incorporated into a slot machine ensures a certain win percentage. This will be fairly high in the Wild Streak games.

Of course, you have to take into account that the profit will not be such that it always equals the stake. After all, an online casino will always leave a certain margin on a game. This math applied to the design of the game is what makes the games from software provider Wild Streak gaming so popular. They can be manipulated by the players themselves due to the high degree of interactivity incorporated into them. Whoever plays these games discovers that he or she is partly responsible for the luck.

Wild Streak Gaming Wild CatcherThe games of Wild Streak Gaming have a fairly high win rate

Games for multiple platforms

In the past, to play on a slot machine you sat at your computer or on your laptop. Nowadays, more and more games are played on mobile devices. The consumer wants the convenience of playing on his or her cell phone or tablet so you can gamble at any time of the day or evening. Wild Streak Gaming works with the HTML 5 principle so the games can be played on all available devices. Think in that case of playing via iOS, Android and Microsoft. In addition, the games are made so that they can also be played via Facebook. So as a player you can play a game and place a bet in any way you like.

Candy, Cats and Cash

It may be clear. Gamblers are not only the men, there are also plenty of women who want to earn a little extra money by playing the slots. It is not for nothing that Candy, Cats and Cash is so popular. It’s a game you don’t play so much in the casino, but rather on your mobile in an app. It’s a way to find some diversion with a game with nice graphics and sound effects. You play the game on a 5-wheel system according to the 3-4-4-4-3 principle. Thereby, in addition to the various themed symbols, sticky wilds also appear on the wheels of your game. This ensures that you can get a full win line easier and also faster.

Shields of Fortune

The Shields of Fortune game takes you back to the time of the Romans. It is played in a beautiful historical setting where you encounter beautiful symbols on the wheels of your slot machine. Again, you play according to the 3-4-4-4-3- principle. You get symbols, the card symbols and wilds on your reels. In this way, you can quickly complete win rows. In addition, you will be offered bonus games with free spins and other mini games. You play this game on the Wynn Slots App that you can download on your mobile.

Shields of Fortune from Wild Streak Gaming takes you back to the time of the Romans
Shields of Fortune from Wild Streak Gaming takes you back to the time of the Romans
A well-known game from Wild Streak Gaming is Candy, Cats and Cash.
A well-known game from Wild Streak Gaming is Candy, Cats and Cash.
Wild Streak Gaming has many accessible games
Wild Streak Gaming has many accessible games

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Our verdict on Wild Streak Gaming

Wild Streak Gaming is a software provider in the online casino industry. In an accessible way you can start playing. The games are easy to understand and of high quality. They are also mobile, on the tablet or via Facebook to play. So we see no reason not to look for the games of Wild Streak Gaming.