Why go to Las Vegas if you don’t want to gamble?

Why choose to go to Las Vegas? There will be many different reasons for this. You may be looking for art, have an educational goal, just want to relax completely and so on. For these things, you can do just fine in Las Vegas. Even if you don’t care for gambling, the city is still worth a visit.

And well, if you’re in that world of glitz and glamour, take a look at a casino. You don’t even have to play yourself but you can also watch how other people fare at the gaming table. After all, that’s exciting too.

Super luxury activities in Las Vegas

Want to go to Las Vegas and don’t have to watch the budget? Then you can also make it a luxury vacation. Enjoy the best of the best and get completely pampered in this special world. Then it will definitely be a vacation to remember. Read through the following tips for luxury activities so you know what’s out there. It will cost you but then you will have something.

Visit a club or eat a very expensive cupcake

Book a visit to the trendiest club in Las Vegas: OMNIA. You can enjoy live performances and good music but count a few thousand to experience this night there. Another must is to eat the most expensive cupcake in the world. You can do this at Sweet Surrender where you have to pay 750 dollars for the Decadence D’Or. It’s delicious by the way but that’s only fair for that price. It’s also mighty so sharing is a good option.

Private beach with BBQ or a round in the Ferris wheel

A BBQ is always nice to do. If you want a more luxurious version choose to rent Mandalay Beach and do it there with your friends or family. The accompanying Mandalay Bay hotel provides the food and you can also book an artist for the music. And they are not exactly the least of these.

Do you like the necessary excitement and are not afraid of heights? Then Caesars Palace’s High Roller Wheel is for you. Forty people fit in and it takes half an hour for the wheel to spin so you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the view of the city and its surroundings.

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Make music with artists

As a final costly but unforgettable activity, we mention the Rock ‘n Roll Fantasy Camp. Here you will be taught by the best artists for four days and three nights and get the opportunity to hang out with them and make music together. Of course, there’s not much better for the true music lover to think about.

Activities for couples in Las Vegas

If you are a couple traveling to Las Vegas it may well be to get married there. You will certainly not be the first but definitely not the last to do so. Getting married in Las Vegas is simple, especially when you compare it to other states in the US. All you have to do is fill out a form, pay cash, identify yourself and within a few minutes the wedding is a fact.

Visit Cirque Du Soleil

Not going there to get married? Then there are still plenty of romantic things to do. We’ve listed the best places to go as a couple for you. For starters, you can go to Cirque du Soleil Zumanity. This show is for adults only and is a mix of comedy and acrobatics, with a sensual touch here and there. On weekdays, the show is more affordable than on weekends.

Go to a spa or take a gondola tour

Also fun to do as a couple is to visit the Aqaue Sulis Spa. This spa has all sorts of things like a sauna, pool and fitness center and you can undergo all kinds of treatments, even together. Not enough of all the water yet? Then opt for a Gondola Ride from the Venetian hotel. This trip takes you in an authentic gondola with which you will imagine yourself in Venice. If you take a tour in the spring or summer it lasts longer and you get even more value for your money.

Eating at the Eiffel Tower

Food is part of the deal when you travel and if you want to make it special you can go to the Eiffel Casino where you will find a cozy French bistro halfway up the version of the tower that is also in Las Vegas. You dine there intimately so it’s great for couples and it costs nothing more than elsewhere in the city. If you make reservations, ask for a table where you have a view of The Strip. It’s always nice and there is plenty to see. And people-watching is always fun.

Snacking or eating a special dessert

Most people like to snack, even adults. If you like to try all kinds of things you can do this at the Sugar Factory. If you go to the café that belongs to it you can indulge in a homemade milkshake or a decadent chocolate dessert. Always a good and not too expensive ending to the meal.

Activities in Las Vegas for families with children

There is also plenty for families with children to do in Las Vegas. You don’t even have to show your kids gambling because you can get around that just fine, literally and figuratively. There are all kinds of activities suitable for the whole family and they are not even hard to find. The first example is Gregory Popovich’s Comedy Pet Theater. This show is all about magic and humor and all kinds of animals participate. It is a particularly kid-friendly (and animal-friendly) show and is suitable for all ages.

Educational Day Out

Would you like to learn about science and have an educational day out with the kids? Then head to the Marjorie Barrick Museum of Natural History. You’ll find six types of art, science, galleries with countless photographs and a natural history museum. To make your day complete, you can also eat and drink there and watch a movie to finish. Once a month the museum is even open for free.

Hoover Dam

A great trip you can make to the Hoover Dam. Already built in 1933 and in operation since 1935 but still a fine piece of engineering. The dam provides water to the entire area in and around Vegas and separates the states of Nevada and Arizona. Fun fact: on either side of the dam, the time difference is an hour so keep that in mind when crossing to another state.

Plenty to play for in Children’s Park or swimming with sharks

Children love to play and can really let off steam in Children’s Park. This is a huge playground with countless places where children can play safely and will certainly have fun with all the equipment they can get in or on. There is even a mini water park, ideal with hot days (which there are plenty of in Las Vegas). As a final outing, we mention the Shark Reef in Mandalay Bay. This is a sizeable aquarium where you’ll find countless species of fish, as well as a shipwreck. Swimming among the sharks is possible if you dare.

Trips that cost nothing or hardly anything

On vacation you want to see and experience as much as possible. If you don’t always want to spend a lot of money on it, you can also do things for free in Las Vegas. A good example of this is checking out the Bellagio Fountain. And yes, a very attractive place that attracts a lot of tourists but definitely worth it. The music and the spectacle are well worth the effort and you can see the water spray up many feet. The show is shown every fifteen minutes so if you miss one you don’t have to wait long for the next one.

Hiking in Red Rock Canyon

If you get in your car you will be in Red Rock Canyon in twenty minutes from Las Vegas. Put on good walking shoes and take water but that’s all you need. You make a great walk (better not do this at the hottest time of day) where you can fully enjoy nature and great views.

Visit Freemont Street

If you’re in Las Vegas you should of course not skip Fremont Street. This covered piece of Las Vegas has a dense roof where you can see everything from shows to just a beautiful sky, even if it is already dark outside. You’ll encounter all kinds of artists on one of the three free stages and you can buy things but of course you don’t have to.

Meet the real Vegas

On the first Friday of every month, locals gather in the Downtown Arts District to make music, eat together and have fun with each other. Just walking through it and looking at everything is great to do and costs you nothing. This way you get to know the real Las Vegas and not just the fantasy world that most tourists get to know.

On the photo with the famous nameplate

As a final free outing, we mention the Las Vegas sign that stands just south of The Strip. Go there and take a selfie or a super fun group photo if you are with a party. Doesn’t cost you anything but everyone can see where you’ve been.