Why do people like to play slot machines so much?

The most popular slot machines in land-based casinos are video slots. But the games that have had their place on the casino floor for the longest time are three-reel slots.

Slot machines in an online casino, often have a longer lifespan than those in a landbased casino. There are reasons why the most popular three-reel titles, such as Double Diamond, last for decades. Just as there are reasons that new video slots may end up next to casino floors again within months.

Bottomline, all slots have to earn their keep. They have to bring in enough to keep them around and otherwise they will disappear because square footage is expensive in a land-based casino.

Slot machines with three reels

Slot machines with mechanical reels used to be very popular in a casino. And then suddenly electronic video slots came on the market. The major difference between video slots and mechanical slots is easy to explain. Video slots emphasize entertainment while mechanical slots emphasize gambling. Some modern slot machines with three reels add bonus events. But in fact, the appeal of games with three reels is the potential for big wins.

The most common format for games with three reels uses a single payline. Almost every winning spin will pay out several times the size of your bet. This is different from video slots, where it is common for games to have 30, 40 or 50 paylines and where many winning spins pay out less than your total bet.

Popular slot machines with three reels provide a constant level of turnover for customers who might not play at the same level if only video slots were offered.

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Video Slots

Players of video slots also like to win money, but they also like entertainment while playing. Over the years we have seen Star Wars slots and Men in Black slots with clips from the movies, Top Gun video slots with not only movie clips but also moving seats with special effects to make you feel like you are in the cockpit of a fighter jet.

Elvis, Michael Jackson and Dolly Parton video slots that get you in the rhythm with their music, and Hollywood Squares slots with their brand of celebrity butter-cheese-and-eggs.

Video slots come with spins on the wheel of fortune, free spins, and all sorts of other fun tricks to keep players amused.All of these attractions have the gambling element in them, of course, so a great complement to the slots.

It’s all designed to keep the player intrigued and entertained. Even a session with a small loss can be a good time if you had fun playing all the extra features. However, there comes a time in the life of almost every video slot when most players have seen and played all the bonus rounds, and the entertainment factor loses some of its initial excitement.

Slot machine providers play a continuous game of “try to top this?” They are creating new bonus elements, using new video and animation, and hoping to capture the imagination of players in the months ahead.

That leads to a shorter lifespan for individual video slots than on the three-reel format, but with higher peak performance and a higher revenue total for the entire video slot category.

Online Slot Machines

Like video slots, online slots have a huge entertainment factor with all kinds of bonus events. Since an online casino does not have to deal with limited floor space, online slot machines have a longer life. They just need to make some money, more than it cost to make them. The bar is higher for slots developed by outside companies than for in-house developed games. By paying ongoing licensing fees, a slot machine must continue to attract players to maintain its existence.

Because the games take up no physical space, online casinos can leave them running as long as they make a profit, even if they fall below the house average. The games do not take away space from other, potentially more profitable games. So it is not at all contradictory that individual three-reel slots are popular longer than video slots. Even difficult video slots are generally more popular, and that online slots last longer than offline video slots. The differences come naturally from the range of games and the needs of the casinos and sites.