Why do older people love gambling games?

In movies that take place in casinos, older people are often seen gambling on slot machines. This is often the case in reality. Older people have a predilection for slot machines, but there are certain reasons for that.

Do you want to know why they choose to play these games? We’ll explain it to you in detail in this text.


The first reason older people often choose to play slot machines is nostalgia. Slot machines (especially fruit machines) have been around for years, and this certainly makes the older generation think back to the old days. Today’s slot machines require little physical effort and can be operated by anyone. Who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky and spin the right symbols in a row.

A way to escape reality

The second reason why older people choose these games is escapism or a way to escape reality. By playing a game you can forget everything around you for a while and a completely different world opens up. Gambling games are so distracting that you don’t have to think about anything else for a while. The world of the elderly is often smaller and gambling gives them something else to do.
Older people like to play on slot machines
Elderly people like to play slot machines

You don’t have to bet much

The next reason is that you don’t have to bet a lot to play slot machines. Sometimes you can actually win a bet for just a few cents and given the fact that the elderly don’t always have a big budget, a small bet is fun. It’s harmless entertainment that doesn’t have to cost you much.

Do what you want

In gambling games, you play alone and no one else is watching if you don’t want to. No one is demanding a certain bet or move from you and besides, most games are easy to do so they are suitable for everyone and you don’t need a certain complicated technique or tactic for it.

Free Drinks

For many older people, a visit to the casino becomes attractive because you get free drinks. Holland Casino has its special Favorites Card for this purpose. If you have made a certain number of visits to the casino then you receive an upgrade and can drink for free. You can play and gamble without wagering too much and your drink will be delivered to you. How relaxed can you get?

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Speed is not an issue

Gambling games are generally clear to see, there is no speed involved and the sound is loud enough so that even if you are a bit older and not quite as well equipped in terms of hearing, sight or reaction time, you can still play the game. The games are very user-friendly and therefore very attractive.

Sound of the machine encourages further play

Playing a game or making a bet can be addictive. Once you start playing, it is very difficult to stop and you want to go on and on. Slot machine games, especially, can quickly become an addiction. The chance of winning a lot of games makes people play on and on. The sound a slot machine makes encourages people to play even more. After all, if you hear someone else winning, you want that too.

Fun with peers

As an older person you sometimes find yourself alone and the casino is a place where you can meet other people of your age. It is easy to go there and you will meet other people with whom you can have a chat and a nice day out. Special outings with groups to the casino are also often organized.

Feel loved

As an elderly person, you can sometimes feel alone and think that someone else has little time for you. Do you feel less popular or not so loved? Then the slot machine will help you enter a world where you feel young and loved again and where you are important.

Also important to attract more youth

The older generation doesn’t have to work anymore and usually has more time than the younger ones. The casinos know this and they are capitalizing on it. Their marketing policy is certainly also aimed at older people and the casinos are set up in such a way that they are easy and well accessible for everyone. Send out a flyer or advertisement and people will be more inclined to come and visit.

Attract young people too

Are older people the only ones who come to the casino to play a game of slot machine? Of course not, but with the boom in online casinos the younger generation still sometimes chooses to play games or gamble at home or on the road. The casinos themselves should therefore also attract a more youthful audience.

Offering more than just gambling

As more and more large casinos with lots of other things to do attract a younger crowd. If you don’t want to gamble or if you’ve seen enough of it after a while you can go to a large casino in the same complex for all kinds of other entertainment such as dancing, to the pool or spa, to a show and so on. Often there is a hotel so you can turn it into a real overnight trip or vacation.

Older people find gambling enough

For the elderly, gambling doesn’t have to be so much, but it can become a real outing. They like to play Bingo and the casino makes sure this is possible. The older generation sees the trip to the casino as a social highlight where with some luck you can win something. For the younger generation this is not flashy and sensational enough and they want more. Many older people suddenly feel a lot younger during the game and the excitement it brings is certainly fun. And well, what’s the harm in wagering a little money if you have a fun day or evening?