Why do Chinese people gamble so much?

When you enter a casino, you often see a lot of Chinese people walking around. These not only spend money on various machines and at the tables, but this is usually accompanied by large sums of money and sky-high losses.

Yet these people keep coming back to the casinos and end up in deep debt. But why do Chinese people gamble so much in the Netherlands?

Gambling included in the Chinese culture

The biggest reason that Chinese people gamble so much is the Chinese culture itself. Indeed, the culture has embraced gambling, especially since the rise of the famous Chinese game Mahjong. Although it was banned by Communism because of gambling, it did build a strong name for itself.

Gambling is so strongly associated with Chinese culture that most have come to regard it as normal. Something that is seen as a problem in the Netherlands, is actually not with the Chinese.

MahjongMahjong is a favorite among the Chinese

Group behavior encourages gambling Chinese

Therefore, group behavior also plays a big role in the gambling behavior of Chinese. Collectivism ensures that great value is placed on the opinion of the majority and that people are more likely to be influenced. The fact that many Chinese gamble in the Netherlands means that more and more of them are coming to Dutch casinos. It also creates a group feeling, which can be seen as a social aspect.

Every number has a meaning

Another reason is superstition. In China many numbers are considered to be the symbol for luck. For example, the 6, 8 and 9 are seen as numbers that make you happy, and the 4, 5 and 7 stand for bad luck. Also the 8 is often used by the Chinese, because it stands for prosperity. Many Chinese therefore always bet on these three numbers, while we Dutch often go for the 7. Chinese people assume that if they bet on these numbers often, they will get very lucky and thus make bigger profits. In doing so, the losses they often incur are not even seen. After all, those who do good and live by the rules of the culture will gain wealth, among other things.

Chinese people do not know how much money they have

In this regard, an additional superstition also comes into play. It is bad luck for Chinese to count their money in a casino. A Chinese person who arrives with a stack of paper money will therefore not realize how much money really goes through on such an evening. As long as one receives money while playing, no suspicion will arise and the various losses will not be tracked. This only happens afterwards, when it often turns out that there is a large loss.

Chinese get bored after working hours

Boredom plays a big role among Chinese in the Netherlands. Most Chinese do not know the Dutch language, which often makes it difficult to maintain contacts. Besides their work, they have very few social affairs, so they go to the casinos to kill time.

Also their wives, who often sit at home with the children, often go gambling to pass the time that their husband is at work. This often happens at home with friends of the same culture, where sometimes hundreds of euros can be lost.

Most hobbies cannot be combined with work

Just like the Dutch, the Chinese also want to have a hobby besides their work. The working days of an average Chinese person are also many times longer, because they are working in their own restaurants. Most Chinese start mid-morning and are not off until after midnight. Often other meeting places are already closed by then and, as mentioned earlier, most don’t know the language, so going to a café is often not an option for Chinese people in the Netherlands. In a casino, however, they do not have to talk, which makes it feel like a comfortable place for them and they can do their own thing.

Gambling addiction is a common problem

Due to boredom, gambling addiction has become a common occurrence among Chinese. Many Chinese do not admit that they have an addiction, which only exacerbates the problem. Only when professional help arrives, less Chinese waste money in one of the casinos and the group behavior slowly changes. Until then you will still find many Chinese at, for example, the Holland Casino, where you sometimes wonder how much money is lost.