Why bet365 is the best bookmaker

When it comes to sports betting all fans agree. There is one sportsbook that stands head and shoulders above the rest: bet365. But what makes them so good? Why do so many players love to play at bet365?

We went to investigate and interviewed a small British panel of players who have been placing their bets with this bookmaker for years. The proposition was: name a few reasons why bet365 is the best in the world.

6 Reasons why bet365 is so good?

The research showed all kinds of reasons. Some of them were very personal and were only mentioned once. We have left these out. We have concentrated on the reasons that were mentioned by several people. We have listed them in random order below.

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1. The best odds

You will find the best odds at bet365. As one of the few sports betting providers, bet365 makes its own odds. They constantly monitor what the competitors are offering. They know that many players are always looking for the best value for their money. By constantly monitoring their own odds they keep them super sharp and the player knows they are on the right track with bet365.

2. Nice welcome bonus at bet365

They give dutch players a sportbook bonus of 100% on the first deposit up to a maximum of €100. That’s a great welcome bonus.

3. Live betting interface

The “Live betting interface” at bet365 is better than any other sportsbook. They have taken live betting to a new level. Also on your mobile.

4. Live streaming

They have a live streaming option at numerous betting sites. So if you have a bet on a particular match you may be able to stream it live at bet365.

5. Refund of your bet

Refund of your bet for any soccer match that ends in 0-0 at bet365. This applies in England only for losing bets on a soccer match on a correct Score, Rest/Full Time. Please check the conditions at bet365 if they are going to offer this in the Netherlands. The expectation is that they will.

6. Cash Out function

Almost every player surveyed found the Cash Out function to be top notch at bet365. For those who are not familiar with the Cash Out function, it works as follows. The feature allows you as a player to literally cash out your bet early for a guaranteed but reduced win or loss payout. You can think of it as a kind of damage control.

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Bet365 best sportsbook
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End of October bet365 goes live in the Netherlands

In October it was announced that 10 parties would receive a Dutch license to offer online games of chance. One of these parties is bet365. It is clear why they have received a license. Everything is top notch at this originally British provider of sports betting. Besides a super sportsbook they also offer an online casino and poker.

Thanks to their Dutch license you know you can safely place a bet here. Check out bet365 and judge for yourself if this is one of the best in the world. Know that thanks to the Dutch license your money is safe here and you will always get your winnings.