Why are slot machines so popular?

A trip to the casino or at an online casino to play a fun game or make a bet can be very exciting. There are numerous games to choose from.

In reality, slot machines prove to be very popular among gamers and gamblers. In particular, the games in which you still have to try to spin the same types of fruit in a row are hugely popular. Why would this be?

All kinds of variants of slot machines

Slot games come in many shapes and sizes but players have a clear preference. In fact, even within the fruit-themed categories, you can still find many different games. Just think of the slot machines where you only have to spin one line of the same symbols as in the old days. But there are also much more complicated games that are harder to play and pay out in different ways.

Various reasons why the games are so attractive

In order to think about why slot machine games are so popular, we have found three reasons to do so. You can read them below to get an idea of why so many people choose to play these games. What is certain is that these games are not exactly at the forefront when it comes to the special features and appearances.

Also the prizes that can be won are not always that great but it is a fact that you can play this kind of games anywhere and anytime. Whether you choose to go to a real casino or play online, gambling games can always be found.

Well known and long history

One of the main reasons why slot machine games are often chosen is that they have an impressive history. The slot machine games are at least the oldest that can be played on a slot machine. Fruit machines have been around for about two centuries and have their origins in the United States. Players were first paid out in candy such as chewing gum (fruit-flavored, of course).

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The fruit was the symbol of the machine

The fruit was later assigned the role as a symbol that you need to spin to win something. They got their place on the more modern slot machine and that is why it is often still called just fruit machine. The first real slot machine was developed by Charles Fay and saw the light of day in 1895.

It had three spinning wheels and no fruit symbols but this changed in 1907 when it was introduced to replace the older machines. It became so popular that all the casinos chose these slot machines.

Introduction of the Money Honey

In 1963 the first electromechanical slot machine was introduced, under the name Money Honey. On it, different fruits were used as symbols. Then followed the electronic versions and at a certain point it became possible not only to play these games in a real casino but also online. Even easier because the selection there is huge and you don’t even have to leave the house for it and you can play whenever and wherever you want.

Sentimental value plays an important role

The second reason why slot games enjoy so much popularity is that they have sentimental value or are nostalgic for many gamers. When there are many slot machines in a casino, it’s not always easy to pick one that you would like to play. The fact that slot machines remind the gamer of days gone by makes him or her choose one.

This way it feels just like the old days and you get the whole atmosphere, even though today’s slot machines are usually a lot hipper than they were back then. Would you like a bit more? Then online casinos are the way to go, as the selection and variety of slot games are enormous.

Huge selection so there is something for everyone

This brings us to the third reason why players often choose these types of games. The range is so large that for everyone there is a game that suits him or her and that you like as a gamer. If you choose to play a game at an online casino you can do so in peace and privacy, at home or even on the road. The developers of games often put the emphasis on the gambling games so that the offer therein is large and you can play them on all possible devices.

Mega Joker

We have picked out three slots from the large selection to explain them in more detail. The first is Mega Joker. In this game, developed by NetEnt, is played for five rows but that’s not all. You can also choose to play on a second spot (at the same time) and there is a progressive jackpot (which thus keeps increasing) to be won. The stakes are low and the symbols involved are the widely known ones like watermelon, grape, lemon, orange and cherry.

Mocha Orange

The second game is known as Mocha Orange. This game consists of three reels and has one row in the middle which pays out. The game was developed by Microgaming and it has only a few special features. However, it is one of the games where the stakes are so low that anyone can take a chance. No special technique or skills are required and the orange is the only piece of fruit that participates in the game.

Fruit Case

Game number three is Fruit Case. This game was released by NetEnt in 2013. It revolves around five times three wheels and there are twenty rows to get paid. The game also uses special symbols, multipliers and extra rounds. The game is suitable for experienced but also for beginners. The fruit symbols used are the strawberry, orange, lemon and something that looks like a pear.

Look carefully which game you like and which suits you

The games starring fruit are known to be easy to play. It’s often not too complicated to do and you can get started quickly as a gamer without having to delve into all kinds of rules or techniques. Have you just started playing an online game? Then it’s definitely advisable to choose a game on the slot machine. Not sure which game to choose or don’t have a favorite? Then you can try out the three mentioned first and decide for yourself which one you like best. You’ll also know why these are so popular among gamers! Don’t you like this one? Then there are plenty of other games to choose from.