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We can well imagine that you sometimes can’t see the forest for the trees. That is why we have created gamblingid.com. Through this website we inform visitors about casino bonuses and special promotions from various casinos.

But that’s not all! Through this website we offer newcomers to the world of online casinos all kinds of game information about various casino games. Think of game explanations, rules, but also issues such as safe payment and responsible gaming.

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An overview of bonuses

The online gambling landscape has grown explosively over the past decade. There are many online casinos where you, as a player, can place a bet. Many of these casinos have special bonuses that you as a player can qualify for. To help you navigate your way through the world of online casinos and bonuses, we’ve gathered all sorts of relevant information on these topics for you. There are quite a few different bonus systems. In addition, each casino has its own bonus terms and special promotions.

On the homepage you will find a handy overview where we have listed various casinos and their best bonuses. In this overview you can see what kind of bonuses the particular casinos offer. For example some casinos have multiple types of bonuses while another casino usually has only one type of bonus. There is also a rating linked to each casino and you can see what game software the different casinos use. When you have found a casino that appeals to you then you can click directly on the corresponding link to go to that casino’s registration page.
Carbon neutral websites
GamblingID.com also participates in the “CO2 neutral websites” initiative that offsets the CO2 emissions of the entire website and its users.

Special Actions

In addition to the largely fixed bonuses, many casinos also organize special promotions. The content of these promotions can vary quite a bit; sometimes it is a long-term promotion and sometimes it is a promotion around a particular casino game. We collect all these promotions and publish them on our website. This way you always have an overview of the latest special promotions! When you click on the different pages in the menu bar at the top, you will see an overview of the special promotions sorted by type of bonus. Always pay attention to the terms and conditions of the casino.

Explanation of casino games

All of the games that you can play in real casinos can now also be found in online casinos. Think of these as true casino classics like roulette and blackjack, but also new video slots, video poker and even bingo. Some of these games are quite easy to learn to play while others are more difficult to master. That’s why this page also contains all kinds of information about the various casino games you can play in online casinos today. This way you can first of all decide for yourself if a certain game is for you.

For each game we explain the rules, but also certain techniques and strategies. For example, many roulette enthusiasts like to play this game according to a certain strategy. Many casino games also use special terminology. For example, roulette uses quite a lot of French terms. It is, of course, very useful to know such terms before you start playing and we are happy to help you with that.

Additional Information

On this page you will also find additional information about playing games of chance. Casinos, for example, often have very extensive payment options for depositing money into your gaming account. On this website we explain the most common payment methods and how these payment services work exactly.

It is of course also very important that you are well informed about responsible gaming. Taking a gamble is of course a lot of fun, but it is important that you do this responsibly.

When you’ve made a nice profit it’s important to know how the casino will pay out your winnings. This information can also be found on this website. Another important fact is that winnings above a certain amount must be reported to the tax authorities, as the tax authorities consider certain gaming revenues to be a form of income. Therefore, on this page you will find extensive information about the law on gambling and how you, as a player, should comply with it.


Do you have questions about this website? Is there any information missing on this website or do you want to get in touch with the management of this website? Please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

We wish you lots of fun reading and playing!

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