Which video slots pay out the best?

For you as a gambler, it is obviously important to first research casino games with a high payout percentage so you can win as much money as possible.

Important terms

Within a casino there are always a few terms that are important. For you as a player this is, for example, the RTP. This is an English abbreviation for Return To Player, or the amount of money paid out to the player within a game. This is shown as a percentage, which indicates how much % of the total amount put into a game by all players is actually paid out. In the Dutch language we call this the payout percentage. In this case, how much money has been put into a video slot and what percentage of that money is returned to the players? These are high and low RTPs:

  • Higher than 98% RTP: Superior payout percentage (occurs on rare occasions)
  • Between 95% and 98% RTP: Great/very high payout percentage, attractive to play
  • 93% to 95% RTP: Reasonable payout percentage, generally good odds of playing on it
  • Less than 93% RTP: Low payout percentage, not very attractive

The best video slots

Now let’s look at the best video slots with the highest payout percentage, the reason you came here. So anything above 95% Return To Player is fine and can be experienced as an attractive video slot to play on. But it gets even better, because there are even video slots where you will see an RTP higher than 98%. Here we will show you the best video slots with the highest payout percentage.

  • Mega Joker: up to 99%
    The Mega Joker Slot can be found at the top of the list of best video slots. It is a video slot with a familiar look, three unique reels and two game modes; the regular game and the Supermeter mode. Depending on your bet, you can play for an extremely high payout percentage. With one coin you get a very low payout percentage of 76.9%, but if you play with 10 coins at once you get a payout percentage that can reach as high as 99%!

  • 1429 Uncharted Seas: 98.6%
    At number two we find 1429 Uncharted Seas. This video slot is offered by Thunderkick and offers a surprising interface with all the hidden treasures located at the bottom of the ocean. In five reels and with 25 paylines you get to see a beautifully designed map, where you have to look for the Wild symbol; in this case a Ship that can only be seen on rows 2, 3 and 4. This video slot has an extremely high payout percentage of 98.6% and it is also a unique game to play.

  • Blood Suckers: up to 98%
    Blood Suckers, undoubtedly a little better known to active video slot gamblers, also has an excellent payout percentage that can reach up to exactly 98%. This video slot has been around for quite some time and is offered by NetEnt, which is one of the biggest players in the online casino world. You get five creepy reels to play on, with a nice number of 25 paylines. In addition, there are two bonus games to play within Blood Suckers, where you can win an impressive amount of money: 50,730 euros. A high payout percentage and high winning chances, in other words.

  • Kings of Chicago: 97.8%
    Kings of Chicago is a video slot that is all about Poker. The familiar symbols of the video slot are changed into playing cards while you can activate numerous attractive multipliers. The jackpot of Kings of Chicago stands at a whopping 20,000 euros and you can play with one of the most famous casino games ever; Poker. Everything else is the same, like Poker’s usual combinations like a pair, street or royal flush. The only difference is that the Joker also participates and with it you can activate the multiplier. This doubles your winnings and also gives you a chance to win 30 more deals.

  • Devils Delight: 97.6%
    This devilish video slot has an excellent payout percentage that can reach up to 97.6%. Within this video slot you can do anything that the Lord has forbidden, such as hitting old ladies or encountering burning skeletons. In fact, these examples will earn you the highest bonus. One bonus game in Devils Delight can net you as much as 10,000 euros per spin and you will usually also get 10 free spins the further you advance on the Soul-O-meter, in Devils Delight also called the Sin Spins.

Video slots have multiple advantages, such as the accessible game rules that are understandable for everyone, the attractive variety with a wide range and thus the high payout percentage. Would you like to know which video slots offer the highest payout percentage? Then read on and start directly with gambling on one of the attractive video slots.