Which payment methods are the most popular at an online casino?

There are many ways to transfer money to an online casino. But unfortunately not all casinos accept the same payment methods. And on the other hand, not all players have all methods available either. So which methods are the most popular at an online casino?

First of all it’s important to understand that there are three categories of payment methods: online banking, e-wallets, and credit cards. Everyone has a bank account and, consequently, nowadays the possibility of internet banking. To make the process of internet banking easier, you can use payment methods such as Sofort and Trustly. Credit cards are a common online payment method, especially Visa and MasterCard.

What may be less known are the e-wallets. These are a kind of online accounts where you as a user can deposit money, to then make payments on the Internet. PayPal is an e-wallet that everyone knows. Newer e-wallets include Neteller and Skrill. The popularity of e-wallets is increasing among online gamblers as it guarantees a certain degree of anonymity.

Most popular payment method at online casinos is the credit card

The credit card has been in circulation since the 1950s. Once started in the United States, it is now a legal tender in over 180 countries around the world. You apply for a credit card at a bank. It is like a short monthly loan. The idea is that you pay it off every month. If not the bank will charge you a high interest rate.

At almost all online casinos you can pay by credit card. Visa is the best known example. Paying with a credit card is above all very fast and effortless. An additional advantage is that your transactions are immediately insured, and the card also allows you to earn bonus points and miles. Plenty of bonus when you pay a casino with your credit card.

Viasa is not the largest, but it is the best known credit card issuer in the world. Together with MasterCard it is responsible for the worldwide acceptance of this means of payment. At virtually all online casinos you can pay with Visa or MasterCard. A credit card transaction is simple and fast. On the physical credit card you can easily find all the information you need to make payments.

To make the use of credit cards even more secure for online transactions you can use a virtual Visa Card. This one doesn’t really exist. Only through the app do you have access to the data of this virtual card. This makes it possible to make anonymous payments to casinos, for example. If something does go wrong, you can count on the insurance of the credit card.

Internet banking is for everyone

Everyone has a bank account, and therefore access to internet banking. Whether it is with the PC or on a mobile app. This payment method is familiar to most people and provides little uncertainty. You can manually transfer money to a casino, but this can sometimes cause some delays. Depositing to, and withdrawing from, online casinos is basically free. SEPA payments are free of charge. In some cases casinos may charge an admin fee for using this method.

Nowadays basically everyone uses the iDEAL app, which automates these transfers. If iDEAL is not available you can also choose alternative methods like Sofort and Trustly. Just like with iDeal, the transferred balances are immediately available to gamble with.

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Trustly acts as a kind of intermediary between the recipient and the payer. Just like iDeal does with the Dutch banks. You, the payer, can pay from a bank account of one of the major European banks. Thanks to the use of Trustly the receiver, the online casino, has no access to your personal data. You therefore remain completely anonymous. Trustly also does not store your data in a database. It is almost impossible to be more anonymous. With Trustly, it’s all about security.


Sofort too is a kind of middle man, guaranteeing the anonymity of the payer. It is a newer player on the payment market, but is already available in twelve European member states. Also with Sofort you do not create an account. You only use the app at the time of payment or receipt. Sofort also guarantees your anonymity.


Neteller is an e-wallet which you can use in all European casinos. Neteller claims to guarantee quality, security, speed, and anonymity. With Neteller there are no monthly fees. However, an administration fee is charged per transaction. Paying with this e-wallet is especially easy, you only need your email address and a password.


Skrill is another popular e-wallet that you can use at most casinos. Skrill guarantees security, ease of payment, and low transaction fees. Skrill also allows you to transfer money worldwide in thirty different currencies. There is a Skrill credit card, and you can trade in cryptocurrencies.

The e-wallet is gaining popularity

Of all the e-wallets, PayPal is by far the best known and most widely used. PayPal was the first e-wallet and paved the way for the others. PayPal provides millions of quick online payments worldwide. At most casinos in the Netherlands, and also at international casinos you can easily transfer and withdraw money with your PayPal account.

Also at PayPal it’s about simplicity and security. With just an account name and password you can add money to your balance at an online casino in seconds. Paying out your winnings is also very fast. Sometimes you will have your winnings in your e-wallet within an hour. Sometimes it takes a little longer, but it will never take more than 24 hours.