Which casino games have the highest payout percentage?

All casino games have a different payout percentage. This is the percentage of a wager on a casino game that pays out. It is of course very attractive to know which casino games pay out the most. You’d think that you’d have the best chance of winning at those games. There is also a term used for the payout percentage, which is “return to player”. The abbreviation for this term is RTP and you will often come across it. There are of course different types of casino games, such as slots and card games, but also roulette. Each of these games has a different RTP and within the different types of game categories, the payout percentage can also vary from game to game.

House edge for the online casino

To gain some insight into which casino games have the best payout percentage, it is important to know that every online casino has a so-called house edge. The house edge and the payout percentage are closely related. The house edge of an online casino is the percentage the casino gets from each bet.

Return to player
It is in fact the opposite of RTP. RTP is about what the player gets back on average from each bet. To further understand the best RTP and the least house edge we will now explain each type of casino game.

  • Blackjack has the best payout percentage

    Blackjack is known in the online casino as the casino game that has the best payout percentage. Indeed, the RTP of this game averages well above 99%. It is true that in an online casino there are usually several games of blackjack to be found. It is therefore possible that one blackjack game has an RTP of 98.50% and another variant results in 99.43%. The differences seem minimal, but the house edge is higher in the first case than in the second option. Furthermore the payout percentage still depends on the provider that provides the casino software, so there can also be differences from one online casino to another.

  • Punto banco a close second

    Punto banco comes a close second when it comes to the casino games that have the best payout percentage. Punto banco is also offered as a casino game under another name, that of baccarat. The average payout percentage here is a staggering 99.07%. Again, the average varies per type of punto banco game and per online casino.

  • Roulette offers excellent winning chances

    When it comes to the most popular casino games with the best payout percentage then roulette is in third place. This is because the average percentage for this game is 97.3%. This is quite high, but you can see that the house edge in roulette is somewhat higher compared to blackjack or punto banco. The average house edge here is 2.7%. Incidentally, in American roulette the house edge is even higher and the payout percentage lower. This is because in this game there is an additional slot with 00 as the number. The odds of winning in American roulette are reduced by the extra box. The house edge is 5.26% and the payout percentage averages 94.74% for this roulette game.

  • Slots with high RTP

    Slots are casino games that do not have the best payout percentage, but there is some good news in that regard. In fact, there are video slots that have an average RTP of 98% or more. For example the video slot Blood Suckers II at Netent Casinos that has a payout percentage of 98%. However, if you gamble on the slot Cosmic Fortune you will end up with a percentage of 96.90%. Another popular slot from the provider Netent, for example, has a payout percentage of 96% again. That is the slot Gonzo’s Quest. The Happy Fruits slot has a payout percentage of 95%.

    Based on the average payouts that are made and the house edge, it can be determined that slots have an RTP that averages 96%. That in itself is still quite high and moreover the outcome for any player playing video slots is random. This is because these games, as well as other online casino games, make use of the Random Number Generator. This is a system that ensures that every game outcome is based on randomness. So in practice, every outcome is random.


From the above it can be concluded that blackjack ranks best when it comes to the casino games with the highest or best payout percentage. To win money in an online casino, no one needs to be blinded by the RTP. The fact is that the Random Number Generator is applied to all online casino games and therefore, in this case, chance does exist when it comes to the outcome of the casino game.