Where can you play Sic Bo?

Sic Bo allows players to bet on all possible outcomes of the three dice; individual, a combination of two or the maximum triple combination.

Sic Bo also has two other names that you might recognize the game from; Tai Sai or Dai Siu. In this article we will tell you more about the places where you can play Sic Bo.

Sic Bo has Asian roots

Sic Bo is an original Asian game and has been around for centuries. Tradition has it that Sic Bo was first played in China, where it is still very popular today. Also in the Asian countries of Korea and the Philippines, the game and the opportunity to gamble on it are well known.

 Playing Sic BOPlaying Sic BO

If you are visiting Asia, you will probably encounter Sic Bo in any casino. The game of three dice also lends itself perfectly to street games, although the exact rules are not always followed.

Sic Bo has long been unknown in Europe and the United States. It was only at the end of the last century, when tourism from Asia began to increase in the Western world and vice versa in the East, that people began to learn about various customs, including the game Sic Bo.

Sic Bo can also be found at Holland Casino. In the United States, a different game is played with dice: craps. It is completely different from Sic Bo. The only similarities are the dice and the total of 2 dice. You can play Sic Bo at any online casino and nowadays Live Sic Bo is very popular to play online.

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More and more often you will probably encounter Sic Bo. The game is gaining popularity due to its exclusivity and curiosity among users. Sic Bo is also available in the iTunes store and more and more people are becoming familiar with this oldest casino game in existence.

The options for betting money on Sic Bo are enormous, as you can gamble on almost 300 different options. The odds of winning Sic Bo are not the highest, but if you win you have a high potential of winning money.

So where can you play Sic Bo?

In the Asian gambling market, you will find Sic Bo in abundance. Not only casinos will play Sic Bo, but many people on the street will also know how to play it. The principle of the game is easy to understand and the options are enormous.

In offline casinos, the chances of finding a table with Sic Bo on it are slim, simply because of the lack of interest. Although the game is very old, it has seen a lot of growth especially outside of Asia in the past decades. Who knows, maybe that’s why Sic Bo will one day be played in an offline casino.Let’s roll the dices!

Before you start.

Remember that Sic Bo has many gambling options, but dice are always unpredictable. You can use ‘a’ strategy, but there is no certainty that a particular combination of numbers will fall. If you want to build in a bit more security, you can choose to bet on the ‘Small/Big’ bet, which only doesn’t cover the 3 and the 18. Also, you can only bet on a number between 4 and 10, or 11 and 17. If you’re someone who likes to take risks, then you can bet on all possible combinations.

The advantage is that at an online casino you can play with small bets. This way you can get used to the game. It might be wise to check out the game live at an online casino first. This way you can see how other players play the game and get a feel for the game.