When are you a High Roller?

Basically, they are experienced players who have an above-average budget and can therefore more easily bear the risk of losing money. Playing at a casino, whether online or land-based, isn’t all about winning.

Losing is also possible and you need to be able to cope with that. Now that you know when you’re a High Roller, it’s nice to know that at an online casino you can easily gamble with a lot of money on different games. We’ll explain which games you can play and what you can expect in terms of bonuses. In addition, we’ll cover how to deposit money and we’ll teach you when you can request a cash-out at a casino as a High Roller.

High RollerHigh Roller

High Roller Welcome Bonuses

Players who want to gamble with a lot of money at a casino can receive welcome bonuses as a High Roller. What does this mean exactly? A regular welcome bonus that you can get at a casino often consists of a few hundred dollars of credit. You’ll get a bonus amount on top of your first deposit in the form of a percentage. Obviously, the more money you deposit, the bigger your bonus will be.

Also, if you are a High Roller and you want to receive a welcome bonus, the first deposit will be increased by a percentage. Often this is 100%, so the first amount added is also given as a bonus. The good thing about High Roller bonuses is that they always have a higher maximum amount. For example, you may be able to get a €500 or even a €1000 welcome bonus. Do any casinos offer even higher bonuses? Yes there are!

Deposit like a High Roller

In order to deposit as a High Roller at a casino you will always have to sign up for an account first. After all, with your own account you can always manage a balance. This means that you will be able to safely add money to your account and that you will be able to make a withdrawal in case of a win. Once you are logged in, you will usually be able to add up to $10,000 per transaction to your account. A considerable amount of money, which will certainly help you, as a High Roller, to gamble.

You are free to choose the methods you use to deposit the money. As a High Roller you can deposit with iDeal, Neteller, Skrill, Mastercard, VISA and PaySafeCard. The last one is less interesting, because you can only deposit up to €100 per PaySafeCard code. The other methods do have the increased maximum of €10,000 per top-up.

Gambling with more money on casino games

The advantage of gambling as a High Roller is obviously that you can play with much more money on casino games. By playing higher stakes, the winnings on slots and gaming tables can be higher in one fell swoop. It must be said, however, that the risk of bigger losses is higher. However, for the average High Roller this will not be a problem as they are playing from a large budget. Would you like to win more money playing casino games as a High Roller? Read below for the minimum and maximum bet limits you should expect.

– Slots and Slots
When it comes to slots, we can tell you that you can play at an online casino for as little as $0.01 per spin. Since you want to gamble as a High Roller you will be looking for higher stakes. By increasing the number of lines in slots and setting the coin value higher you can gamble with larger amounts. Moreover, you can often use multiple coins per line to go for the win. The average Netent slots have a maximum bet of around €100 to €200 per spin. On the other hand, you may come across slot machines with higher stakes of up to €1000. The maximum wager is therefore different for each slot.

– Playing against the software
Playing against the software means that you can place wagers without any time limits. For example, gambling on games such as Roulette, Blackjack and Punto Banco can be done from as little as €0.10 per round. When playing at a roulette table you will typically have a maximum bet of around €1000. Blackjack and Punto Banco tables often have a maximum bet of around €500.

– Live Casino Betting
When you play at a casino you can also gamble live against real dealers. This makes the online experience just like being at a real casino while playing from the comfort of your own home. When you play live Roulette, Blackjack or Punto Banco the stakes are much higher. You always play with a minimum amount of €1 per spin for the win. Want to play higher stakes? Then in Blackjack and Roulette you will usually play up to €5000 per round. Live Roulette can be played at the highest stakes, where amounts per round can go as high as €75,000!

Playing Jackpot Slots as a High Roller

At the online casino there are of course not only regular slots to win prizes on. Jackpot slots are also available and as a High Roller you can certainly take advantage of that. By playing high stakes jackpot slots your chances of winning are usually much higher. So what kind of jackpots are we talking about that you can win as a High Roller? In fact, it depends on the slot you choose to go for the jackpot win.

When you play Mega Fortune, Hall of Gods or Arabian Nights for example you’ll be dealing with a progressive system. You’ll immediately notice that the amounts that can be won increase in height every moment. The jackpots increase with the bets of players who gamble with real money. What’s more, this applies not only to bets placed at a specific casino but to bets placed at all the casinos that offer the slot. All in all a good reason to play the jackpot slots online like a High Roller.

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Get bonuses when you gamble more often

As a High Roller, if you gamble at an online casino more often, there are certainly bonuses available that you can take advantage of. To conclude our post about gambling as a High Roller, we want to tell you about the bonuses we are talking about. Below is a brief explanation of each bonus.

Reload bonus

As soon as a reload bonus is given to you as a High Roller at a casino you will get extra money by making a deposit. Just like with the welcome bonus you will receive a certain percentage of extra credits up to a maximum amount. The advantage for a High Roller of this bonus is that the maximum amounts are usually higher than for regular players of an online casino.

Free spins bonus

By depositing an amount at a casino you can win X number of free spins for a particular slot during a free spins promotion. This casino bonus is often the same for everyone, but the amount you deposit will determine which free spins you get. As a High Roller, you can add a lot of money more quickly and take advantage of the most number of free spins. In addition, there are often different types of free spins. Super Spins, for example, are worth €1 each and Monster Spins, for example, are worth €2 or more per spin. So the chances of winning prizes with these as a High Roller are often much higher.

Cashback bonus

If there is a cashback bonus at an online casino you can get some of your lost money back if you are unlucky one day. As a High Roller, you play with a lot of money and it is more likely that a Cashback bonus of 10% will give you the maximum refund than if you were playing as a regular player. The Cashback percentage and maximum return? That varies per promotion and can of course always be read in the bonus terms of a promotion.

VIP bonuses

At an online casino there is actually always a VIP bonus. You’ll earn points with every euro you place in wagers, which you can then redeem in a VIP shop. When you start out as a High Roller at a casino you will accumulate points faster than anyone else. After all, you’ll be wagering large sums of money and will therefore be able to collect a high total of points. In the loyalty store of an online casino you can usually exchange these for free money or spins to play with. On the other hand, you can often win gadgets like televisions, tablets, smartphones and even trips! In short, playing as a High Roller certainly has its advantages in terms of bonuses.

What to do?

After our explanation, do you want to place your bets as a High Roller and benefit from the necessary bonuses? Know that you have plenty of options and you can play at any casino that has an official Dutch license.