What type of gambler are you?

Because every person is different, we don’t always do things the same way and look different. We behave differently and we all have our own opinions. This also applies to gamblers in a casino where you can find different types.

However, there are also several similarities and differences between gamblers that allow you to identify a certain type of gambler.

Not everyone fits into a mold

Let’s start by saying that not everyone fits a certain description and sometimes there can be overlap between certain types. Some gamblers may fit more than one description or may be such exceptional types that they cannot be placed within any one category. Read through the following list to see if you recognize certain types or if you might fit one of the descriptions yourself. That could be, of course, if you also visit the casino from time to time.

The professional gambler

The first type we mention is the professional gambler. This player has turned something that for many people is a hobby into his or her profession. The professional player usually has a lot of patience, is calm, smart and knows how to hide his frustrations if they arise. If a game does not go as expected or hoped, the professional is not inclined to show his feelings. These are the types of gamblers you don’t usually meet. You’ll find more of them at online casinos than at land-based casinos.

The Social Gambler

The second type is the social gambler. This player goes to the casino for fun and to meet new people. They also meet up with friends to have a social outing at the casino and enjoy the atmosphere and the entertainment that is available. The social gambler doesn’t spend too much money and visits the casino once in a while but also knows well where to draw the line.

The super social gambler

The super social gambler also exists. This type of player goes to the casino not just for fun but also to be active. This way the player will find a nice distraction from everyday life and will be able to make contact with others or meet up with people they already know. As long as they can keep their gambling under control and don’t go too far, there is nothing wrong with it, but it should not influence their normal life too much. These types would rather play at Holland Casino than gamble online.

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The emotional gambler

The next type is the player who gambles in order to escape from stress and feel better. These players are often dealing with emotional problems and to feel better they resort to a game. This, incidentally, can make them feel much better afterwards, especially on an emotional level. However, these strong emotions can also be a trap because they make decisions based on them that rarely end well and often lead to losses.

The self-centered gambler

The following player is not very popular in the casino and especially not with the other players. This player has such a big ego that he spares nothing and nobody in his hunt for profit and tries to win in a not too decent way. For this purpose other players are cheated and this player lies, cheats and steals from other players. Such players are kept out of the casino as much as possible because they don’t exactly make it more fun for other people.

The conservative gambler

The penultimate type of player is the conservative gambler. This player is always careful with his bets and chooses casino games where the stakes are not high and where there is something to win. In addition they will also tend to choose the same games. The conservative player visits the casino mainly to find out what it’s all about and to gain experience. It is not about big profits and this player will not easily become addicted.

The compulsive gambler

The last player we mention in the list is the compulsive gambler. This player is addicted to the casino and its games. The player goes to the casino compulsively and does not know when to stop. If not in a decent way then less honest to achieve the goal. This type of player is often also addicted to other things such as alcohol and his whole life is determined by it in a negative way. Gambling is always the number one priority even if it means big debts or other problems for the player.