What is the role of online casino testing agencies?

Millions of people around the world love to play at online casinos, and the amounts they end up wagering run high. The reason that there are unfortunately still casinos that do not treat players fairly is because of the fact that such large sums of money are involved. They want to make money, and they want to do it on the backs of the players.

Fortunately, the majority of online casinos are trustworthy, and are supervised by reputable organizations. Most casinos are safe to play at and completely trustworthy. It is important that you avoid places where the reputation is not so high at all times. When you play casino games online, you want to do so at a reliable casino.

The best way to be sure that it is safe to play at a specific provider is that they are fully licensed and regulated by legitimate testing agencies and authorities. Such companies require the online casino to adhere to certain criteria in order to assure the player that they are being treated in a proper manner.

And this generally comes including regular audits and checks from respected testing agencies. On this page we will discuss a few of the best known online casino testing agencies, and what exactly their role is.

Testing the Random Number Generator

The Random Number Generator (RNG) is an important part of the software that online casinos use. The casino games have random outcomes, and the randomness is essential so that they work the way they should. This means that no discernible pattern can be followed by players who pay close attention to consistently beat the casino games, and there is no way for casinos to influence these results to give them an additional advantage over the house edge.

Randomness naturally appears in live casinos (such as the spin of roulette, or the dealing of cards from a shuffled deck), but it must be artificially mimicked in online casinos. This is done through the use of a Random Number Generator, which is basically a computer program that constantly generates completely random sequences of numbers.

When an online casino needs to simulate specific outcomes (such as determining which card is next, or the number of pips on the next roll), the software is asked to come up with a number, and this in turn refers to a result. Each possible number is related to a particular outcome in the game of chance, so the process allows the software to simulate casino games in a way that really works the way it does in real casinos.

For Random Number Generators to be effective, they must work properly. Just like in a land-based casino, there should be no discernible pattern and the outcomes should be purely random from the casino games you can play. Online casino testing agencies are usually responsible for testing the RNGs, to say with certainty that they work as they should, and provide true random outcomes in the games.

Confirming average payout percentages

Many reliable online casinos publish their payout percentages on all their casino games. Payout percentages point to the average amount recovered by players in relation to how much money they wager, and there are several ways you can know if games are fair. As an example, if a game has a house edge of 2%, then the average payout percentage is somewhere around 98%.

Part of one of the roles of online casino testing agencies is to confirm that each payout percentage matches what they publish. They do this by reviewing the results of the casino games.

As part of this process, they check that the payout percentages match how they should be, and then this is publicly revealed on the website where you play or at the testing agency on the website itself. Testing the RNG software is done to ensure players that the games they are offered are fair.

Checking that deposits are safe

Depositing money at an online casino is basically not much different than handing over money for chips at a real casino. Any money you deposit is yours until you spend it on the casino games you play. Only when you lose real money does it belong to the online casino.

In the same way, a land-based casino works. You give money to a live dealer, receive chips in return, and the money still remains yours. You can use it to buy drinks or food and/or bet on the gaming tables.

Verification of online casinos

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Further good to know

What is of great importance is that the online casino has a good financial situation in the company. This way you never have to worry about not getting your winnings paid out. Moreover, it is important that the casino keeps the accounts separate. You first play with your own money, and only when the own money is gone, the casino bonus becomes active.

And furthermore, it is of course very important to check the casino license. Testing agencies regularly look at online casinos and their licenses. The gambling authorities that grant licenses ensure that players are guaranteed to be able to carry out their transactions via secure internet connection.

Well-known testing agencies for online casinos are iTech Lab, TST or eCOGRA. On our website you will find casino game providers that have been well tested on the software so you can always have peace of mind when gambling.