What is the biggest tip ever given at the casino?

When playing in a casino it is often customary to tip, for example, the croupier or other casino personnel. What you give is up to you, although there are certain guidelines.

It is not very clear what the largest tip is that has ever been given because the person giving it prefers not to make it known. People who tip big are also known in the casino world as ‘George’. Still, we managed to track down some hefty ones.

Record holder when it comes to tipping

The largest tips known to have been given in the casino are in the name of Australian Kerry Packer. He was the richest man in the country until his death, so a tip more or less was probably not out of the question. Here are a few examples of the tips that he is known to have given.

  • Right after the Mirage Casino opened in Las Vegas in 1989, Packer bet $100000 (€85000) for the dealers at Baccarat. And immediately managed to win for them as well.
  • In the mid-1990s he won $26 million (over €22 million) himself at the MGM casino. He then treated each croupier to $2500 (€2100), which was a total of $105000 (€90000).
  • Once, when he accidentally bumped into a waitress who dropped her tray, he asked for her name and address. Before she knew it, he had paid off her mortgage worth $130000 (just over €110000) for her. Pretty generous, of course.
  • In the 1990s, the Las Vegas Hilton had its own band in the nightclub. Kristine W was a member of The Sting and joined Packer at the Blackjack table. He bet $50000 (around €43000) for her and she was $100000 (over €85000) richer in one fell swoop. Then he bet the same amount for the dealer but this gamble he lost, unfortunately for the croupier.

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Also actor Ben Affleck can do something about it

Not only Packer is known as a ‘George’ in the casino world. Actor Ben Affleck also has a knack for tipping. He has tipped around $150000 (about €128000) more than once after winning big at the Hard Rock casino.

Only his then-fiancée Jennifer Lopez (JLO) did keep her hand on the table when he wanted to tip big in the form of a chip at the Baccarat table. Ben threw a $5000 dollar chip on the table as a tip. But Jennifer immediately shouted, “Three Blacks Please,” referring to 3 black chips worth $100 each. A downside for the dealer of $4700. A pity, nonetheless.