What is a wager requirement in an Online Casino?

A wager requirement is a multiplier that stands for the number of times a player has to play through using a gambling bonus before he/she is able to withdraw the winnings. Until the wagering conditions are not fulfilled, your winnings will keep getting added and you will also find your balance wagering conditions in the pending balance. It is not possible to make any withdrawal if you have a pending balance.

Opt in and Opt Out Options

Some of the bonuses require the players to opt in or opt out. When you choose to opt in, you would be adhering to the wager requirement of using the bonus. But, it is not possible to opt out when you place your first stake after opting in. When you opt out, you are giving away the bonus and you cannot re-enter to get that bonus.

Dealing with a wager requirement

A wager requirement can be worked on for only those games for which the bonus was provided. For example, if you have received a bingo bonus then the wagering conditions can only be met by playing bingo.

Getting Information on wager requirement

When playing bingo, you can access the “My Bonus Funds” screen with the click on “Promotions” button from the “Account” menu. Choosing this option, you can see all the available bonuses, wager requirement information and the progress in fulfilling the requirement.

Withdrawal of Funds While Fulfilling wager requirement

When you are trying to withdraw the cash even when there is pending wager requirement, you are going to get your balance bonus amount forfeited. But, if you have any winnings, that will not be affected. But, it would be required to fulfill the wagering conditions before the winnings of the balance cash can be withdrawn.

Releasing pending balance to cash balance

When you want to free the pending funds, it is required to meet the complete wager requirement for the specific bonus. The moment the wagering conditions are fulfilled, all of your funds in the pending balance will be liberated towards your cash balance. And, even when there are some balance bonus funds, the future winnings will also get paid towards your cash balance.

Exhausted bonus

There is a situation of exhausted bonus when the pending balance and the bonus balance for a particular bonus are zero. In this situation the wager requirement is finished. However, there is an exception when you have bought tickets for a future game having outstanding wagering conditions. In this situation, the bonus remains open till the wager condition is fulfilled.

Closing Accounts

If you close the account before meeting the wager conditions, your right to get the balance funds will be forfeited.

Bonuses without wager requirement

If you get a bonus that doesn’t require any wager requirement to be met, the amount will be received directly into your account. This money can be used by you to turn an existing wagering condition with the same bonus balance. In case the wagering conditions have a balance bonus, the winnings will be sent back to the pending balance. If you win with a bonus amount that doesn’t require any wager requirement, the winnings will be sent to your cash balance.