What is a loyalty program at an online casino?

If you regularly visit an online casino you’ve probably noticed that you’re asked several times if you want to join the online casino’s loyalty program. Such a loyalty program was created in order to do something extra for regular members who almost always come to gamble at the same online casino. Becoming a member of a program can give you a nice bonus on a regular basis, without you having to put in much effort.

In this article we will tell you everything you need to know about these loyalty programs. We will show you what a program exactly entails, what differences there are and whether it is worthwhile to sign up for a loyalty program at all.

What exactly is a loyalty program?

A loyalty program can best be seen as a reward system for all regular players within a specific online casino. the number of online casinos has been increasing for years, which has led to a significant increase in competition in the market. To ensure that existing players stay with their trusted online casinos a loyalty program is offered to them. In this way the most loyal players receive a reward for their loyalty.

In many cases new players are also directly included in the loyalty program after their first deposit, in the hope that these new players will not leave for a competitor immediately after a gaming session. Does this not happen automatically? Then you can often do it yourself on the special promotions page of the online casino. The sooner you yourself want to join this program, the less likely the casino is to lose you as a player. Thus, signing up for such a program is never well hidden or accomplished through a cumbersome process.
A Loyalty Program is quite common in foreign countries
A Loyalty Program is quite common abroad
For every wager you make with real money, a loyalty program allows you to earn points or a similar ‘imaginary’ currency. With some of these points you can then choose nice rewards. Think for example of free play money, free spins on your favorite slot machine or with some programs even real money which can be deposited directly into your own bank account.

Basics are the same

In general a loyalty program works the same at every online casino. With every paid turn you make, you can accumulate points and later exchange them for rewards. How exactly you do this and how quickly you can accumulate points, however, varies greatly from one online casino to another.

At one provider each euro wagered equals 1 point, while at others you may have to wager 10 euros for 1 point. So take a good look beforehand at how quickly you can save up points and also how “expensive” it is to exchange them for rewards. Only then you can decide for yourself if you think the loyalty program is worth it.

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All loyalty program types at a glance

With almost all loyalty programs, players automatically earn points (or a similar currency) as soon as they register and then also make a first deposit of real money. You then start saving these points immediately. There are two important points to consider when saving:

  • The amount of money you deposit and the regularity of play: here it does not matter if you win often or lose often, only how often you play
  • Your overall loyalty: how often you visit the online casino, for example once a month or once every six months
  • Depending on your accumulated loyalty points you will be awarded a corresponding loyalty status. A higher status often provides you with significantly better benefits. Achieving a higher status is certainly something that can be useful, especially in the long run.

    One example in which a higher loyalty status can certainly be useful is for an exclusive VIP program. At some online casinos, high rollers with high status are invited to exclusive programs for even more rewards, on top of the regular loyalty program.

    So it is clear that an online casino likes to give more rewards to players who come back regularly and play games regularly. In the past this was mainly done according to the system of saving points, while nowadays there is also a greater focus on just cashback for players. Where these two systems differ from each other, we will of course explain to you right away.
    Being a Vip brings benefits
    Being a Vip has its advantages

    Points-based loyalty program

    This form of loyalty program is the most traditional version and also by far the most familiar to most players. With every spin, turn or round that you play for real money, you earn certain points. The most common conversion rule is 10 euros in exchange for 1 loyalty point. Keep in mind that this scheme may be different at each casino, so it’s good to check this in advance to avoid surprises about this.

    Once you have accumulated a certain amount of these points you can exchange them for one of the rewards. Common rewards include play money, free spins on a particular game or a cash payout. Of course, an online casino can decide which bonuses to offer, which means that many more bonuses are possible.

    By the way, the principle of redeeming points is not standard. Sometimes points can also have another function, namely in a ‘level up’ system. In this case, you can’t exchange your points for gifts, but you need them to reach a higher rank. With each new rank you get a new reward. This can be play money again, free spins or a cash payout. then you start saving points again, until you have enough to level up again.

    Loyalty program based on cashbacks

    These loyalty programs have become increasingly popular among players in recent years. They allow you to get a partial refund of your play money, even if you lose your bet on every turn. The underlying principle also works very simply: Your cashback starts at a certain percentage and increases as you reach higher ranks.

    Often you start at a cashback percentage of around 5%. This means that you get 5% of all your bets back. As you level up, this percentage grows with you. So you’ll also get back more and more of your bet eventually. At some casinos this can go up to 20%! So the key is to get as high a level as possible, for example by playing games or sorting money regularly.

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    Top picks

    • You will often receive great offers from the casino
    • Regular free spins or freebets in the sportsbook
    • Same environment for gambling gives you peace of mind


    • Sometimes the tendency to continue playing longer than planned
    • Bonuses can also encourage you to gamble when you really don’t want to

    Bonuses within a loyalty program

    With increasing competition it becomes easier for players to sign up for new casinos instead of staying loyal to one provider. Offering a unique loyalty program is therefore increasingly important, but also increasingly difficult. Loyalty programs always have the same goal and therefore tend to look the same. That’s why more and more casinos are also coming up with exclusive casino bonuses for players in higher ranks. Here you can find the following bonuses.

    Bonus 1: No Deposit Bonus

    This is by far the most popular bonus offered to loyalty program players. This bonus does not require a deposit to be made. This bonus is effective, but can also cause the online casino to miss out on a lot of income. That’s why you won’t find this bonus very often. When you do, you often need a higher level.

    Bonus 2: Deposit or reload bonus

    This bonus enables players to have a higher bonus balance added to their account. You often see this bonus as a percentage of a deposit amount. Let’s take an example: 100 percent up to 75 euros. In this case you get a doubling of your deposit up to 75 euros. So if you deposit 75 euros, you will get another 75 euros bonus. If you deposit more than 75 euros, you will still get a maximum bonus of 75 euros.

    Bonus 3: Cashback Bonus

    We already briefly discussed the cashback bonus. With this bonus you can claim back a part of your lost balance. This bonus also works with a certain percentage. If this is set at 10 percent, you can claim back 10 percent of your losses. If you play a number of games and lose 200 euros, you get 20 euros back as a bonus. This will then be credited back to your balance.

    Bonus 4: Free Spins Bonus

    Another frequently used bonus, even at lower levels of the loyalty program, are the free spins. This is not only a great way to keep players loyal but also to put new or well-known games in the spotlight. This bonus is particularly appreciated by online casino slots enthusiasts. You may also find a similar bonus for table games, but these are a bit less popular among online casinos.

    Bonus 5: Bonuses for loyal players

    If you’ve been a loyal player to an online casino they’re more than happy to pamper you with even more free gifts. These often have nothing to do with the online casino itself. These often have nothing to do with the online casino itself, such as airline tickets, cars or admission to incredibly popular sporting events. For casinos the sky is the limit, so you as a player can certainly have your fun.

    In addition to the aforementioned bonuses you will often also be offered additional luxury services. These also help you to play better or cheaper at an online casino. Think of:

    • An account manager for the account
    • Removing deposit limits or payout limits
    • Less high playthrough requirements on bonuses
    • Better redemption of your currency

    Do all casinos have a loyalty program?

    Yes, basically every casino takes good care of its loyal players?

    Are all loyalty programs the same?

    No they are not. It is very different for each casino.

    Am I obligated to participate in such a program?

    No, you are never obligated to take part in any actions, offers or promotions. Always check if it suits you.

    How to choose the best loyalty program?

    If you want to determine which loyalty program is best for you, it is first useful to find out what type of player you are. For example, look at your betting behavior: are you a high roller or do you bet more cautiously? The ways in which you would like to be rewarded are also important.

    Are you a typical high roller who bets and deposits huge amounts? Chances are that a loyalty program with points and a level-up system will suit you. Are you the opposite, playing for low stakes and depositing little as well? Then you better look for a loyalty program where you can unlock some bonuses.

    The following points can also be important when choosing a loyalty program:

    • The ratio of wagers / points earned
    • How many points you can earn on a particular type of game (slots, table games, bingo, …)
    • The ratio points / rewards
    • The number of points needed to reach a new level
    • The rewards you can choose from


    For everyone a different loyalty program is better. It is therefore difficult to set hard rules of thumb when choosing a program. Above all, choose what seems like a good choice for you, especially when you consider what it will bring in the long run. After all, the longer you stay loyal, the more rewards and gifts you should receive.

    It’s not just the casino’s loyalty program that’s important. Of course, you also want to be able to play with a fine experience, have a choice of plenty of games, reach a professional customer service and much more. If the loyalty program is good, but the rest of the online casino doesn’t make sense, the loyalty program is really useless. So look not only at the loyalty program, but also at all the other factors that can make an online casino perfect for you.

    Reaching the highest level: how to do it?

    Most members of an online casino automatically play for the regular loyalty program that is offered. Here you can reach a higher level relatively easily if you log in regularly, place bets and increase your balance.

    However, reaching the highest level is often quite a challenge. It is not always possible to get to the next level by simply logging in. Sometimes you need a personal invitation from the online casino. These invitations are often sent to ‘professional’ players with high stakes.

    Difference between loyalty program and vip program

    You will encounter these terms many times, while in most cases they mean exactly the same. However, there is a difference in the type of program and often not in the content.

    There are several casinos that make the difference quite clear: the vip program can be achieved by being a loyal player in the regular loyalty program. For this you have to wager high amounts of money on a regular basis. Only then will you have a chance to win a personal invitation to access the vip program.

    An exclusive VIP program

    At many casinos you can only participate in the loyalty program if you receive a personal and exclusive invitation. Only high rollers are usually eligible for this. The rule of thumb seems simple: bet often and high, and the invitation will come naturally.

    The invitation to this VIP program is often sent to you via email. You then have the choice to sign up or not, but it is almost always smart to sign up for this. Often you will get nice bonuses right from the time you sign up.

    Accelerate access to the VIP program

    Some online casinos try to use the VIP program to attract loyal players from other casinos. Through an authenticity check your status within the loyalty program of another online casino is examined. If it turns out that you had a higher rank there, you are also allowed to immediately join the higher rank of this online casino.

    This accelerated way is for the time being almost only offered by different online casinos with the same parent company. This is because only then it is possible to check what your status has been at another online casino.

    Loyalty programs: worthwhile?

    Whether a specific loyalty program is worthwhile for you, you really have to decide for yourself. In general, most loyalty programs are worthwhile. You get a reward for something you were planning to do anyway (betting at an online casino), so casinos can’t make it much easier for you. Especially if you feel comfortable with your choice of online casino, a loyalty program at this particular casino is definitely worthwhile.

    Are you a player who prefers to try something new every day or take advantage of the welcome bonus everywhere and then look for another online casino? Then the loyalty bonus might not be for you since wagering for a long time at a specific casino is not your thing. In that case you should look for good welcome bonuses instead of good loyalty programs.

    Although a loyalty program can be extremely important for your progression as a player at a specific online casino, this should in principle not be the deciding or the most important factor in your search for an online casino. So be sure to look for an online casino that offers your favorite games and also guarantees a nice user experience. Only then can you carefully look at the loyalty program of the online casino.