What does it take to have a good online live casino?

If you’d like to experience the atmosphere of a casino and place a bet you don’t even have to leave your house anymore. You can go online and play at a casino because there are live casinos offered on the internet.

This trend is quite new and not every gaming provider offers a live casino but more and more of them do. Would you rather play a fun casino game from the comfort of your couch and win big? Then you should choose a live casino.

Live Casino, as if you were in a real casino

Major gaming providers like Evolution Gaming, Microgaming and Playtech offer live casinos with live players. The prizes you can win are similar to those you can win in real casinos but are usually a bit higher than other gambling games you play online. The live casinos are very popular and because they are operated by well-known operators many people trust that the games are safe. The latter is also often true because the major providers work with numerous licenses that have been granted.
Crazy Time is a hugely popular game show from Evolution Gaming
Crazy Time is a hugely popular game show from Evolution Gaming

Also easy if you have questions

So why choose a live casino game? The main reason for many players is that the games are played live and are actually run by a real croupier. This way you almost feel like you’re in a real casino but you don’t even have to leave your house. If you have any questions during the game or need help, there are plenty of opportunities to ask them at the live casino. Just like in an actual casino you can contact a member of staff via live chat.

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The most popular live casino games

Live casinos are hugely hot right now. Game shows like Monopoly Live and Crazy Time are immensely popular. When it comes to the best live casino game providers, Evolution Gaming is the number one. This company makes really great games. The 3 most popular games at the moment are:

  • Lightning Roulette
  • Monopoly Live
  • Crazy Time
  • Speed Baccarat
  • Dream Catcher
  • How does the system work?

    Are you wondering how exactly a live casino works? When you look at the screen you see a croupier doing certain things that are done in a normal casino. These actions are converted through the use of special software so that you, the player, can use them. This way you can also participate in the game while you are elsewhere. This conversion of data is realized by the so-called Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system. Machines are not used nor is the data automated but real people are involved.

    There is a lot involved in a live casino

    Although there is a lot of enthusiasm for this form of gambling among players, it is not always easy for an online casino to offer live gambling. In order to offer a live casino there has to be an investment in technology but also in personnel. A good online casino requires a cameraman, croupiers, a good manager and people to man the helpdesk. There are quite a few extra costs involved so it’s not always profitable. Generally speaking, live casinos offer games like Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and Sic Bo.

    These are the most popular live casino games

    All Live Casino Games
    lightning roulette
    Lightning Roulette
    monopoly live
    Monopoly Live
    crazy time
    Crazy Time
    dreamcatcher live
    Live Dream Catcher

    Appearance of a live casino

    A live casino should consist of at least three parts. How exactly they lay these out can vary from casino to casino and game to game but there is always a live studio required, a software area and a room where the game analysis is done. Depending on which casino you choose you can play via television, computer or cell phone. It’s just a matter of what you prefer. We’ve listed the components that are needed to run a live casino for you.

    Cameras required

    For starters, a live casino requires cameras. How many will vary from game to game, but it is always necessary to use good cameras that will allow the live images to be streamed clearly. For example, if you look at roulette, there are usually three cameras used. One is aimed at the roulette wheel and the other at the entire table. The last camera then takes care of all the images at once so that you, the player, have a good overview.

    Game Control Unit

    Every online live casino comes with a Game Control Unit or GCU. This is just a small device but essential in a live casino. It ensures that the images are encoded so that they can be broadcast live. Without a GCU, a live casino can’t even work because you, the player, won’t see anything. If applicable to a particular game, the live casino is also equipped with a wheel that can be spun. The wheels are designed to have sensors that are in contact with the software of the games. This way you, the player, can also spin it and try to win something.

    Real croupiers

    In order to run a game at a live casino real dealers/croupers are used. These individuals do exactly the same actions as the croupiers in an actual casino. All bettors are professional and have been trained so that they know how the game works and can lead it in the right way. This way the player feels almost like he is in a real casino.


    A live casino must have a monitor. This takes care of the image that the players see on their screen. If you don’t want to be in the picture, it’s best to take a position where the camera has a so-called blind spot. That way you will not be in the picture. The presence of a monitor is important for the dealer because it allows him to keep a close eye on the game, to see what is being wagered by whom and to intervene if anything goes wrong. If a problem arises, the player can chat live with the dealer so that it can be solved quickly.

    Location of the live casino

    If you would like to play at a live online casino then you need to log in. Always check where the casinos are located to make sure you can play there. Many online casinos are streamed live from a real casino or from the website itself. If the location is not clear then it is better to choose another casino as it is not quite sure that it is reliable.

    Where are the live casinos?

    Most live casinos are located in Europe and Asia but you can also find them in certain states of the US and in Canada. Often players from other countries or continents can also already access a live casino elsewhere and more and more licenses are being issued for this purpose. This is certainly true already for the live casinos in Europe where players from Asia are mostly welcome as well. In Europe, many live casinos are provided especially in countries such as Malta, the United Kingdom, Latvia, Ireland and from the Isle of Man.

    Software used

    It is important to look closely at what software is used and whether the streaming is of good quality. If, for example, placing a bet is difficult or chatting is barely possible then you’d better choose another live casino. More and more countries are giving permission for online live casinos so playing is becoming possible in more and more places. Always make sure you choose a safe site and provider.

    Optimal Camera Recognition

    Live casinos make use of Optimal Camera Recognition (OCR). This technique ensures that virtually every detail, no matter how small, is recorded and can be streamed to the player. As a player, you make your own bets using your keyboard or the screen of the device you are playing with. The OCR shows exactly what is happening such as shuffling and dealing of cards, spinning of the wheel and so on. In this way, you as a player can get exactly the same experience as you would in a real casino.

    What does a game of roulette look like?

    If you look at roulette, the way it works in a live online casino is as follows. First you see the dealer and the game table being streamed. All the rules of the game are also shown to the participants. Then all participants can bet. If there are no more bets to be made, the wheel is turned by the croupier. As soon as the result is known, all the participants in the game are shown, so that you know whether you have won something or not. If you want to continue playing you can follow the same steps again.