Welcome Bonus at a Live Casino

Although welcome bonuses at live casinos are rare, they can still be given. The good thing about receiving a welcome bonus is that it gives you a lot of money to gamble with. However, there is one drawback. At many casinos with a live casino you can only use this casino bonus on slots and slots for free play. What welcome bonuses are there and what this disadvantage will mean for you exactly? We’ll explain it in detail on this page.

Drawback of a welcome bonus at a live casino

As mentioned earlier, there is a downside to a welcome bonus at a live casino. If you receive a welcome bonus you can play with it on all games. However, the amount that you receive in casino bonuses can never be paid out right away. You have to clear casino bonuses, which means that you have to have played the amount around X number of times. At Polder Casino, for example, you must have played the amount 35 times in order to request a payout. All online casinos allow 100% free play on slots and winnings.

Welcome bonus at a live casino
Do you play the bonus on live roulette, blackjack or any of the other live casino games? Then only 10% of each euro will be released. In short, using a welcome bonus on a live casino game is not particularly beneficial.

Choose only casinos with a Dutch license

If you choose to gamble at an online casino, always choose a casino with a Dutch license. These casinos have gone through a rigorous selection process and players are safe and protected here.

Positive turn for a welcome bonus

Although the welcome bonus at a live casino doesn’t appear to be very favorable, we can tell you some other favorable facts. Since you can start playing other games with the free money, you’ll certainly benefit from it. After all, there are hundreds of slots games available at online casinos and the range of video slots games will not disappoint either. So how can you get a welcome bonus and which welcome bonuses are recommended? We’ll explain it to you further.

Welcome bonuses at casinos

In order to get a welcome bonus at an online casino you will first have to create a new account. Since you can usually get this bonus on your first deposit it is sometimes referred to as a live casino welcome bonus. The bonus amount you can get and the amount of free spins you can get will vary from casino to casino.

Playing with a live casino welcome bonus

If you want to play with a live casino welcome bonus we would certainly like to give you the tip to only choose a reliable casino. Furthermore, the live casino selection is very wide and certainly not lacking in other casino games. Choose the casino that suits you best or read one of our reviews first.