Weird bets that did win

We Dutch are pretty down-to-earth when it comes to betting. Sports bets are fun to place and we might even dare to bet on the winner of the song contest. But in many countries you can place much more extreme bets.

In the United States there are always bizarre bets to be made around the elections. In some countries you can even make up your own bet. If you find the right bookmaker, they will also take your bet for a nice amount.

Some very special bets

We’ve had a look around at several Bookies and have come across some very special bets. The kind of bets where you really shrug your shoulders and think: “There’s no way that’s possible!” Yet these people won their bets.

Three exceptional things combined

Some gambles really are almost too crazy for words and you would hardly even believe them. One example is the bet that a man from Wales made for £30. He gambled that in 2000 U2 would still exist, the BBC would still broadcast EastEnders and Neighbours and that Cliff Richard would be knighted. And he was right despite the very small chance of that happening. In doing so he managed to win £194,400 which was paid to him by Ladbrokes.

Betting on a biting footballer

Another example comes from Norway. Here, a bet was made that footballer Luis Suarez would bite someone at the World Championships. Although the player was certainly known for his extreme behavior, the chances of it happening were not that high but he did bite. In doing so, he ensured that several Scandinavians became very rich with their bets.

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Gambling on implants

Brian Zembic is a gambler and magician who is not exactly averse to making high stakes and is willing and able to bet on virtually anything. In 1996, he bet that he would have breast implants inserted and wear them for a year. He not only managed to win a huge amount of money with it but got so used to it that he even decided to keep the implants. How unusual?

The man with the suitcases

A special story is formed by William Lee Bergstrom, also known as the man with the suitcases. He arrived in Las Vegas in 1980 with a suitcase in which he kept his stake (about three-quarters of a million dollars) and an empty suitcase. He wagered the full amount once at craps and managed to win with it. Thus, he was able to leave with two full suitcases and after winning, he was able to travel around the world for years.

The story of grandfather and grandson from Wales

A grandfather saw his grandson kick a ball at the age of eighteen months and then bet that one day he would play for the Welsh national team. He bet £50 on this. When grandson Harry Wilson became the youngest player ever to play for Wales at the age of 16, his grandfather won £125,000. Not bad for kicking a ball around.