Watch your mouth in the chat at live casino games

When you go to a real casino you have to follow certain rules. If you choose to play a game or make a bet online (at an online casino with a Dutch license) then you can do this from the comfort of your home and on whatever device you like. A good internet connection is sufficient.

This kind of gambling was until a while ago mainly an activity for people to do alone, but with the introduction of the live casino online it is becoming a more social affair and the games are becoming more attractive. Especially when there is a real dealer present with whom you, as a gamer, can also chat. Then it all becomes even more real and you can really taste the atmosphere of the casino world.

Contact with the croupier and other players possible

If you can use a live chat at a live casino game it means that contact will be made. Once you find a table you like and log in, the dealer will welcome you and you’ll be able to chat with him or her as well.

At certain online casinos you can also chat with other participants in the game so that it really becomes a social affair, even though everyone is just sitting in their own spot without seeing the other person. If live chat is available, players must follow certain rules in order to make it fun for everyone and keep it fun.

Be considerate of other players

Are you a player participating in a live chat? Then take into account that you should treat other players with respect and do the same with the croupier. After all, he or she is only doing his job too and wants to give the players a good time and keep everything running smoothly. We’ve briefly listed for you what you should and shouldn’t do in a live chat at an online casino.

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What do you do when you participate in a live game?

When you participate in live casino games with a live chat, the easiest thing to do is to pretend that the other people you are interacting with are in the same room as you. This way you treat them as you would if you were in person and seeing each other. The most common rules for this are as follows:

  • Say hello back when the croupier has greeted you.
  • Treat both the croupier and other players with respect.
  • Telling jokes and laughing is certainly allowed, but keep it polite.
  • Remember that what you type will be read and you need to keep it clean.

What not to do when participating in a live game?

What should you not do when it comes to live chat at an online casino? Although it’s only logical, we’ve listed some important rules for you:

  • Don’t be rude or pushy.
  • Don’t blame the croupier if you lose.
  • Don’t talk about sensitive or uncomfortable topics.
  • Do not use the live chat to contact an online casino’s customer service department.
  • Do not try to entice the croupier to perform certain actions.
  • Keep personal information to yourself to prevent its misuse.

Keep the game fun

Always keep in mind that it is about the game and that chatting is not the main thing. Do not distract other participants too much but let them focus on what is important: the game. Do this yourself as well of course. Chatting is fun and cozy and certainly makes online gambling a lot more social.

But always behave nicely and keep in mind that you are dealing with real people who just want to play a nice game and make a bet, just like you. And preferably win something too.