VIP Bonus

Advantages of VIP status

Being a VIP player gives you an edge (or two) over regular players anyway. The casino will generally do everything in its power to make loyal players feel as good as possible and show appreciation for their loyalty.

VIP customers thus receive VIP bonuses but also benefit from numerous other VIP extras. We’ve listed all of the VIP benefits for you.

  • VIP Bonuses that can run up to thousands of euros
  • Be the first to benefit from special (discount) actions, bonuses and offers
  • Be the first to know about the latest casino news
  • VIP players are often the first to try out new games, even before the official casino release date
  • VIP loyalty points system
  • Save up for great goodies and prizes
  • VIP players are often assigned their own casino contact person to whom you can turn with any questions or problems so that you can receive prompt assistance

Exclusive VIP bonuses

The loyalty bonus is basically an appreciation bonus. The online casino offers this to loyal players when they take the casino to heart. While it may make sense to get no deposit welcome bonuses at various casinos, the loyalty bonus requires you to keep playing at a particular casino. Of course a loyalty bonus is also available at multiple casinos.

Some VIP bonuses

Usually most casino visitors only have the budget to play at one casino at a time. Loyalty bonuses are also called VIP bonuses because of their exclusive nature. This bonus is not something that can be claimed overnight as it requires a commitment to the casino. In return you can earn a VIP status of which the VIP bonus can be a part.
VIP BonusVIP Bonus

How do you get the VIP bonus?

A VIP bonus is available to anyone. All you need to do is to regularly return to the casino where you want to grab the bonus. Also you need to make a deposit once in a while. There are some conditions attached to the VIP bonus. This means for instance that you need to deposit a minimum amount every month or year into your gaming account. If you fulfill the deposit requirements you will usually receive a personal message from the casino proposing a VIP package.


But why go for a VIP bonus when you can already get regular deposit bonuses? The answer is that this bonus is usually a lot higher than the standard deposit bonus that any player can get when making a deposit. Also, the VIP bonus can increase on a monthly or yearly basis. This is the longer you play and deposit more often. In fact, this is a progressive bonus where you also often benefit from fun promotions and goodies for example.

Types of VIP Bonuses

VIP bonuses originate from the old-fashioned gaming halls and casinos. In recent years these bonuses have also been available at online casinos. There are different types of VIP bonuses. It is therefore worthwhile to inquire at various casinos if you would like to continue playing at one casino for a longer period of time.

There are deposit VIP bonuses where you will receive a certain percentage of extra play credit on top of your deposit. Usually the higher the deposit amount the more bonus credit you will receive. Deposit bonuses can quickly add up to thousands of dollars. This depends on how much you deposit of course.

Often you will get a combination of play money and free bonus spins. VIP bonuses are usually around 200% – 300% but can also be lower. Again, extremely high VIP bonuses that seem almost too good to be true, unfortunately often turn out to be so.

Get informed

So be careful and look for example first for reviews and customer experiences about the casino and the VIP bonus they offer. In addition to the deposit bonus, some casinos also offer their loyal players no deposit VIP bonuses. These no deposit bonuses often consist of small amounts of money in the form of play credit, free spins. Goodies or discount coupons are also a possibility.

VIP players can often count on even more extras besides bonuses and goodies. For example, as a VIP player you are often the first to be informed about the latest news from the casino, special casino promotions and offers. Besides the deposit and no deposit bonuses, there are also many casinos that work with a special and exclusive loyalty points system. Saved points can later be exchanged for play credit or goodies. However there are few casinos that also offer a loyalty points system for regular players because of its exclusive nature.