Video slots jackpots – how does it work?

If you only play regular video slots then you will probably be advised to play video slots with a (progressive) jackpot. And if you never did, then we recommend it here as you can (if you are lucky) significantly increase your winnings. But before we look at the reasons why (progressive) jackpots are so interesting, we first have to cover some other points related to jackpots.

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So first we’re going to look at what jackpots are exactly and secondly what the chances of winning are for you as a player. Finally, we will also look at the various benefits of jackpots integrated into video slots. But first let’s look at the basic facts about jackpots, which of course are indispensable for a better understanding of everything else.

progressive jackpots

What should I think about a video slot with a jackpot?

At first glance there are few differences between regular video slots and video slots with a jackpot. Of course somewhere in the jackpot casino it will be announced that it is a video slot with a (progressive) jackpot when you start the game, but otherwise you don’t notice this at first.

The games themselves are just comparable to the other video slots. The changes are not in the gameplay nor in the appearance but, as you might expect, in the payouts.

Here you should not think about the average payout, because that remains the same, but rather the diversity of it. This is due to the fact that every now and then a jackpot is won, which of course differs enormously in height from a normal payout. However, this also means that high stakes are required to pay for it all or that some other way must be devised to funnel as much money as possible to the jackpot. We’ll continue on this under the next heading.

Part of your stake goes to the jackpot

Of course, it’s not the case that video slots with a progressive jackpot explicitly ask you for a higher bet so that they can reimburse their progressive jackpots, but the technology is set up in such a way that you bet a relatively large amount as far as the regular game is concerned. Some of this money is transferred to the jackpot pot. So you pay a high price to eventually be able to compete for such a jackpot.

Often such video slots also have multiple jackpots, so that in total an even larger part is drained from the regular game. This total can vary in percentages, but is often around 5 to 10 percent. If this percentage is very high and the number of bets is also very high, the jackpot will eventually be higher, which makes it interesting.

Benefits of jackpots

The fact that part of your stake goes to a pot can be considered a serious disadvantage. Especially if you realize that the chance of you hitting the jackpot is pretty slim. But then again, this is the great strength of jackpots.

It means that with a small stake you can win big, even gigantic prizes. You wouldn’t be the first to win thousands of dollars with just a few Euros bet, should you try it and be lucky indeed.

With regular video slots this is of course impossible. There too you can of course win big, but then you simply have to wager quite a bit and take a fair risk.

This makes video slots with progressive jackpots especially popular among the ‘small’ players, the ones that don’t casually put hundreds of dollars on the table, but prefer to make a big hit with as little money as possible. However, whether you are a “small” or a “big” player, you will undoubtedly benefit from that other advantage of jackpots: the unparalleled excitement that comes with it. After all, the more you can win, the more exciting each game naturally becomes.