Understand why you love roulette so much

For years, people have been fascinated by the many betting options and winning options. Just take a look at the various casinos around the world and you’ll see that gamblers of various ages and origins congregate at the roulette table. What is the reason why roulette is so immensely popular?

Roulette game rules are not difficult

One of the reasons why roulette is so immensely popular is probably due to how easy the game is to play. Without too much previous knowledge you can master the game within minutes, which of course doesn’t mean you’ll actually win any money. Nevertheless, the betting options are clear and the chances of winning can vary, but they are understandable.

crazy about roulettecrazy of roulette

The game has 37 numbers in the European version and 38 numbers in the American version. For you, the goal is to pick the right number or numbers, color or even/odd.

Compare roulette with the biggest other casino games and you’ll find that roulette is very accessible. You don’t have to spend hours to learn about roulette and can still win a nice amount of money with a bet of your choice. Roulette has that real pick-up-and-play feeling; the idea that you can bet without thinking too much and quickly know whether you have won or not. Haven’t played roulette in a while? No problem, because within a few rounds you’ll know how to find everything again.

Using a roulette strategy

Although all casino games belong to the games of chance, it is possible to increase your chances of winning with the right strategy. For example, you can use the Fibonacci, Martingale or Labouchere strategy.

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Many of these strategies ultimately allow you to reduce your chances of losing with a good starting capital, since roulette is very suited to doubling down with three different (almost) 50/50 odds; red/black, even/even and up/down. There are also more daring strategies such as the 5/8 strategy or, of course, a more analytical approach. Whatever roulette strategy you use, participating in this casino game automatically ensures excitement and fun.

Roulette is mythical

The myth that has haunted roulette for years comes from all the tips & tricks, strategies and superstitious parts that people have developed over the years. However, it is still impossible to get a grip on this casino game and that is what makes it so interesting. Already thousands of players worldwide have made an attempt to beat the house, but only the lucky ones have ever succeeded. Although, there were also times when one could actually beat the house and the house advantage fell away. Nowadays, however, this is no longer possible.

Another reason for roulette’s popularity is of course the social element. In roulette you all play against the house instead of against each other, which makes the mutual favor factor a lot greater. Not playing against each other also creates a sense of unity and roulette always attracts the most crowds due to the variety of betting possibilities in each round. Finally, roulette creates both drama and excitement and there’s no telling which group you’ll belong to today.

For small and large investors alike, roulette is an ideal way to gamble. At many landbased casinos you can place bets as low as €5 per game round, but divide them into a variety of bets of €0.50. Online casinos offer you the opportunity to play for even less money. So whatever your budget, everyone can participate in a game of roulette. The little wheel of roulette just keeps spinning; when will you make another bet?

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The origins of roulette

Roulette is originally a French word. Roulette is in fact a translation of the name “small wheel”. Blaise Pascal was a French physicist who devoted himself to the development of the first eternally rotating machine, which as is now clear is simply impossible. Yet this Frenchman was responsible for the idea behind one of the world’s greatest casino games. Although the ball in a roulette wheel sometimes seems to spin forever, this is obviously not the case. Fortunately, otherwise not so many people would have enjoyed roulette.