Some 15 years ago it was almost unthinkable that you could simply transfer money to, for example, someone on the other side of the world using all kinds of digital processes. In the past this was all done by bank transfer and that could take quite some time.

Nowadays, online money transactions can be done in a matter of seconds, which is why many consumers choose to use one or more online payment services.

Yet many of these online payment services are often linked to your personal bank account. You then transfer money from your bank account to the payment service of your choice. For reasons of privacy, among others, consumers sometimes prefer payment services that are not linked to a bank account. We are talking about the so-called prepaid electronic currencies. One of the most well-known providers of such prepaid electronic currency cards is Ukash. On this page you will learn all about this secure payment service and its possibilities.

What is Ukash?

Ukash is actually a kind of online currency that allows you to make online purchases. Ukash is different from credit cards, for example, because Ukash works on a prepaid principle. This principle is similar to buying prepaid credit. You buy a coupon (the prepaid card). On this card is a code consisting of a number of digits. This code can then be digitally exchanged for money.

Ukash prepaid cards are sold worldwide in 55 countries at more than 420,000 points of sale. Therefore, Ukash is also convenient if you are on vacation and you do not have the opportunity to pay with your own debit or credit card, for example. You can also use Ukash to buy game credits at numerous online casinos. A big advantage over, for example, buying play credits with iDeal is that no personal information is sent when you make a transaction. This means that your privacy as a consumer is well protected.

How does Ukash work?

Ukash is really one of the most convenient ways to pay online. All you have to do is buy a Ukash card. You can decide how much this card is worth. All you need to do is visit a store that carries these cards, such as Primera. It is also possible to purchase these cards online. The only drawback for some consumers is that by doing so you will be sending personal information to the online Ukash prepaid card provider.

When you buy a Ukash prepaid card, you will receive a receipt containing your personal code, just like when you buy credit. Keep this code safe, because without it you cannot perform online transactions.

You do not have to spend the entire prepaid amount in one go. For example, if you buy a card with $80 worth of credit on it and you deposit half of it into your gaming account at your favorite casino, you will receive a new code after you have made your purchase. This code can be redeemed for the remaining balance, in this case $40. It is also possible to split the amount of a single code into several separate codes. This also works the other way around; for example, you can combine 3 codes. It is of course important to create an account on the Ukash website.

Using Ukash in an online casino

Many online casinos have for quite some time now offered their customers the opportunity to purchase game credits with a Ukash prepaid card. If you want to use your Ukash credit to buy game credits it is advisable to first check if your chosen casino offers the possibility to buy game credits with Ukash. Is this the case? Then with just a few clicks of the mouse you can purchase game credits, as it’s extremely fast and simple.

The procedure consists of a few steps. First of all you have to log into your personal gaming account at the casino. Then go to the section of the website where you can deposit money into your account. Choose from the various deposit options. Next, enter the unique code you received on the receipt. When the card number and the amount have been approved by the online casino then your disruption will be carried out and confirmed. You can start placing a bet right now.

Benefits of Ukash

As you have read, Ukash is one of the most anonymous and convenient online payment methods. You do not need to create an account on the Ukash website to perform transactions. If you want to use the additional services of Ukash, we recommend you to create an account on the Ukash website. This is also very secure and you do not have to provide all kinds of personal details. Having an account gives you some advantages, such as the possibility of combining codes. It also allows you to view your transaction history and use various useful tools to get a good insight into your spending.