Two unusual robberies at casinos

In a casino there is always an enormous amount of money. If you are standing in a casino and you see the desk clerks sitting behind the cash register and a little further on you see the door to the outside, it doesn’t seem too difficult to commit a robbery there.

However, in the past few people have managed to get out of the casino after a robbery. We selected two remarkable stories from the numerous attempted robberies in the past.

The clergyman who robbed a casino

A special story is that of a clergyman who also managed to make the gambling world quite a bit of money lighter. Clergyman Gregory Bolusan was arrested in 2017 for attempting to rob the M Resort Casino in Henderson, in the state of Nevada in the US, three times.

Bolusan made his first attempt in 2010 when he threatened an employee of the casino with a gun and demanded money to put in his backpack. Not very professional, but when the employee also ran away, Bolusan got the lid on the situation and left without any loot.

Two more attempts

A month later he returned to the same place, with the same car and wearing the same clothes, so that does not show much professionalism either. This time, again armed, he did manage to get something and made off with about $29,000. Another month later he appeared again, this time dressed differently, and made off with about $33,000. However, he was recognized that time by the casino staff, so the police quickly tracked him down and were able to arrest him.

Possible help from the casino

What is special about the story is that it was then discovered that it was a clergyman who had committed the robberies. And also with a fake weapon. However, he was charged with treason, burglary and robbery. The fact that his wife worked at the casino may have played a role in the robberies. In fact, she is suspected of having given him a hand in it although this has not been proven.

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Gamble, commit robbery and gamble again

Kerry Johnson was accused of robbery in 2016 after he took a gamble on blackjack at the casino. He allegedly robbed a bank and went to gamble at the casino with the money he had captured. He was arrested at the Mardi Gras Casino in the United States. Now how did this work out?

Johnson went to the bank and threatened an employee that he would set off a bomb. In addition, he had a gun in his hand. When he got the money he fled to return to the casino where he had been playing before. During the short break he had just robbed a bank to get some money to gamble with.

Not a great alibi

However, he was not very smart about the whole thing because he sent messages via Twitter about his activities. After his arrest, he denied all the facts committed and insisted that he had been at the casino all along to gamble. Unfortunately for him, he fell through when the police found some of the looted money at his home. Moreover, video footage taken at the casino showed that he left it for a while, so his alibi ended there. Too bad for him but once again the crime did not pay off.