Top 5 Casino Movies

As a casino lover, you naturally scour the Internet for the best articles on slots, blackjack, roulette and the latest news on online casinos. Casinos are also a popular theme in Hollywood.

The best movies we could find about your favorite subject!

And there are some very nice movies about casinos that we think you should have seen as a real gambler. Below our top 5 with a short review.

  • Number 5: 21 (2008)

    The casino movie 21 is based on a true story. Under the guidance of an MIT (one of the most prestigious technical universities in the world) professor (played by Kevin Spacey), blackjack is played. Five students try to win at blackjack in Las Vegas by counting cards, and they succeed quite well.

    Student Ben Campbell joins the team because he needs money. His winnings are stolen and his days in college are numbered, especially when he is chased by some dubious casino employees. He actually wants to quit, but can’t because he needs the money to get out of trouble. Watch this surprising and spectacular movie and see for yourself how it ends.

  • Number 4: Rounders (1998)

    The 1998 movie Rounders gives you a great insight into the poker world. Everything in this movie revolves around Texas Hold’em poker. This variant is now very well known and is played all over the world in (online) casinos and in home games. The Hollywood stars Edward Norton and Matt Damon are poker pros looking for high-limit tables to make a quick buck.

    This is of course coupled with relationship problems, conflicts with shady criminals (Teddy KGB) and a close friendship between the two. So it is a mix of drama and poker/casino that is also fun and exciting for non-poker players to watch. The movie does a good job of showing that it’s not all that easy to make your money in (online) poker.

  • Number 3: Ocean’s Eleven (2001)

    Ocean's Eleven
    Ocean’s Eleven is one of the most famous casino oriented movies. Although it is not directly about gambling or betting, you do get a nice glimpse into the American casino world. Enjoy when a group of criminals go to rob a casino with world stars like George Clooney (Danny Ocean), Matt Damon (Linus Caldwell), Andy Garcia (Terry Benedict) and Brad Pitt (Rusty Ryan). With the nice special effects and exciting story, you can enjoy a beautiful (but not real) casino movie that was a huge blockbuster all over the world.

  • Number 2: The Cooler (2003)

    The Cooler
    In the casino world casinos, a “cooler” is a casino employee who is used to give bad luck to players in the casino. It seems a very unlikely thing, but everyone knows that gamblers, as well as many casino bosses, are very superstitious. They do everything they can to give luck a helping hand in their casino.

    This goes as far as employing an employee who brings bad luck to players. This role is played fantastically by William H. Macy as the “cooler. He has to keep working to pay his debt to his ‘old school’ casino boss, played by Alec Baldwin.

    When he wants to quit his thankless job, his boss sends a woman to seduce him in hopes that he will continue working for the casino. However, this woman seems to make him really happy. What follows is a well thought out story about the old casino world versus the casino new world and luck versus bad luck with a surprising ending, a great movie!

  • Number 1: Casino (2003)

    In our opinion, Martin Scorsese’s film Casino is the undisputed number 1 casino film. In this movie of almost 3 hours you see the dark side of the casinos. Because where there is money to be made, there is also the underworld. It is a story of greed, power, betrayal and love starring an amazing Robert de Niro as Sam ‘Ace’ Rothstein as a casino boss in the service of the mafia. He is joined in Las Vegas by the extremely violent mobster Nicky Santoro played sublimely by Joe Pesci when they start running the famous Tangiers casino in the 1970s.

    Ace is the slick casino boss and Nicky his strong right hand. They both get into trouble because of wrong choices in love, drugs and a lot of violence. This film is based on true facts, and you get a great glimpse into the incredible casino and violent mafia world starting in the 1960s. This film is a must see for fans!