Top 10 Slot Machines with Movie Themes

The development of online slots has made it possible for us to go beyond the fun slot machines.

However, it’s not just the actors from the movie that you get on your screen, but also the best graphics and great gameplay. What are the most successful movie-themed slots?

Top 10 movie themed slots

  • 1. Rocky
  • The man who fought his way up from a hopeless position. In that respect it’s a bit like the luck you need to win on this slot machine. The movie is timeless and we think the slot machine is too. In classic Rocky style, this slot machine is beautifully designed.
    The maximum payout is also very attractive, as you can win as much as 10,000x your bet back. Make sure you manage to spin one of the main actors from the movie and the way is open for high winnings.

  • 2. Pink Panther
  • Playtech is also responsible for the Pink Panther slot, loosely based on the fantastic program that used to be on television. Who can’t remember the soundtrack of Pink Panther? You get to hear that soundtrack in this slot too, of course.
    Pink Panther Jackpot GamePink Panther Jackpot Game
    The hunchback Clouseau makes his way to the diamonds, which are good for the highest winnings. There’s also a jackpot-only feature and you’re about to win the progressive jackpot. What are you waiting for? Sneak up behind the Pink Panther in search of luck!

  • 3. Highlander
  • Not everyone knows Highlander, but this film belongs to the absolute classics. It has become something of a cult film, beginning in the Scottish Highlands. However, it is certainly not a film like Braveheart. When the protagonist turns out to be immortal, he is banished from his village. Later in the film, the protagonist competes with several other immortal guests for The Prize, with which eternal power over the earth is up for grabs.
    The same excitement can be found in this slot, along with, of course, the protagonists. The graphics and soundtrack complete Highlander as a slot machine. Finally, the wilds are unlike anything you’ve probably ever seen, so playing this slot is definitely worth it.

  • 4. Planet of the Apes
  • Planet of the Apes is a slot machine based on the 2011 remade version of this blockbuster. The slot possesses impressive graphics and CGI effects, with the protagonists jumping to the front at special moments. There is no progressive jackpot, but on the other hand, you play on two screens at once.
    Planet of the ApesPlanet of the Apes
    This makes the game extra exciting and every spin interesting; it also doubles the number of paylines from 20 to 40. A fan of the movie? Then you should definitely give the Planet of the Apes slot a try.

  • 5. The Dark Knight
  • Another impressive production from director Christopher Nolan. This sequel to Batman begins characteristically with the bittersweet standout performance of Heath Ledger. His version of The Joker will seem familiar to many, both in the film and also in the casino game. The film’s main characters are impressively reflected in the slot through 3D technology.
    The Dark KnightThe Dark Knight
    There is also a progressive jackpot to be found in The Dark Knight. Potentially you can play for a jackpot that exceeds 1 million euros! What are you waiting for?

  • 6. Justice League
  • Opinions on this 2017 film are very divided; not everyone can appreciate the theme. Nevertheless, it has been made into an excellent slot machine. The biggest plus of the Justice League slot machine is the possibility of winning a lot of money. Of course, it is important to play with patience, but the profit you can make with the maximum payout of 2,000x the stake is interesting to follow.
    League of JusticeJustice League
    Also the fact that you can play in teams with Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash in the special feature makes the slot very impressive. Join the League and play with all your favorite superheroes in this slot, which is probably more fun than the movie itself.

  • 7. Man of Steel
  • Man of Steel is a modern day version of Superman starring Henry Cavill. However, compared to Superman 1 and 2, Man of Steel is not nearly as interesting when looking at the potential to win. There are some nice multipliers to be earned though and the maximum win stands at 1,000x the bet.
    Man of SteelMan of Steel
    But there is also a bonus feature. Perhaps the best part of the slot is that you can play with 0.02 euros, which means that almost anyone can play the slot. The 25 paylines can pay out double because of the Krypton Bonus.

  • 8. Superman 2
  • This is the sequel to Superman 1. In this movie you saw The Man of Steel facing Lex Luthor for a second time, this time in combination with 3 Kryptonians. In terms of slots, Superman 2 doesn’t seem very interesting at first, but there are some hidden features thrown in that do make it attractive to play.
    Superman 2Superman 2
    The highest possible combination, for example, will allow you to win back as much as 5,000 times the stake. There are an additional five features to play. Enough variation and potential to win.

  • 9. Gladiator
  • Who doesn’t know Gladiator? A movie from Roman times. Quotes like “What we do in life…..echoes in eternity” and “A General who became a slave, a slave who became a gladiator”. The Slot has really become a wonderful rendition of the great movie. There are fifty paylines to play in this 5×3 slot.
    The Colosseum is a scatter symbol, while all the major character from the movie return as the higher paying symbols to give you one more experience as if you have returned to ancient Rome.

  • 10. Superman the movie
  • Superman the movie has now been released several times in slot machine form. This slot is based on the first Superman movie from 1978, officially starring Christopher Reeve and Gene Hackman. There are a whopping 100 different paylines in total in this 5×4 slot. Not only that; you can also play for four different progressive jackpots.
    The graphics may look a bit old fashioned, but it fits perfectly with the atmosphere of the original movie and a 3D effect is added for the full picture. The stakes are pretty low, but that’s what makes it fun. Play with the budget and from Clark Kent or Lex Luthor. Superman in optima forma.

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The great thing about playing movie-themed slots is, of course, the familiarity. If you’ve seen the movie, then you’ll notice that many of the elements from the movie come back in the slot machine. In most cases, the bonus games are the most fun. They often contain movie clips or sound effects from the movie.
Many online casinos also offer free trials of slot machines. Take advantage of that to find out if you like the slot machine enough.