This you should know about Free Spins

This is also quite possible, since most video slots involve only a small advantage for the casino. Moreover, you are offered even more opportunities to increase your own chances.

Free Spins as a bonus

One of the possibilities is the fact that online casinos will regularly offer you bonuses. These bonuses come in different shapes and sizes and in this article we’ll talk about one type of them, namely Free Spins. In doing so we’ll first look at what exactly Free Spins are, how you can effectively use them and finally we’ll cover some of the casinos/video slots that work with such Free Spins.
This you should know about Free SpinsYou need to know about Free Spins

What exactly are Free Spins?

Free Spins are, as the English name suggests, free spins, where ‘spins’ can be translated as ‘turns’. Free Spins are bonuses that allow you to play a few free spins. Obviously, these are free spins on online slot machines, i.e. video slots, and not on table games as they don’t really use spins. For those games you have other types of bonuses. But back to the Free Spins, what this is all about. These free spins can be very different in size and usefulness.

For example, you might get 100 Free Spins from the casino for a particular game or just five. This however is not everything (well most of the time) said about the usefulness of these Free Spins as it is of course the case that you’d rather play one video slot for free than another as not all games have the same chances of winning.

In addition, the Free Spins can be offered to you in advance, but it is also possible that you earn Free Spins while playing. In the latter case the Free Spins are integrated into the game.

Some Free Spins offers

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Deposit €20 and get 250 free spins


Welcome bonus up to €100 in free spins

Holland Casino Online

Get up to 100 free spins


Enjoy 100 free spins on Games

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Jacks Casino Online

Deposit €20 every Monday and get 20 free spins

Free Play

One thing to keep in mind when you receive Free Spins and win money with them, is that there are often conditions attached if you want to actually play the money won.

The term ‘wager’ is important here. The thing is, you only get this money once you have wagered it a certain number of times. The wager often fluctuates between twenty and fifty times, which means that you have to wager twenty to fifty times your money won with free spins before it is actually yours. By the way, the wager is often lower in case of a (welcome) promotion where you had to deposit money into an account first, than in case you didn’t have to deposit anything.

Games and casinos that work with Free Spins

Based on the foregoing, it wouldn’t be a surprise if you wanted to make use of such Free Spins, but not all casinos give out free spins and not every game works with such a bonus system either. After all, there are plenty of other types of bonuses as well. Still, if you necessarily want to grab Free Spins, there is plenty of choice, even from the big developers. For example, one of Netent’s games, the well-known Starburst, which can be played at a large number of casinos, is a true ‘Free Spin’ video slot.