There are nine different types of slot players

Gambling is done by numerous people but not everyone plays the game in the same way. This is because everyone is different and uses their own strategy. If you’ve ever been to a casino you’ll know that there are a lot of players that like to gamble on slot machines.

But did you know that there are different types of players that play these machines? Maybe you do too and you belong to one of these groups of players that we have listed for you.

The superstitious player

The first type of player that can be distinguished is the superstitious type. If you’re the superstitious type, then you think that certain actions will bring you better luck. As a gambler, if you choose a game on the slot machine, you choose one that has brought you luck before or that you believe will do better than another. This is just superstition because all machines work the same. But as long as you believe that just that one machine works better for you, you obviously choose that one.

The player in his own world

Another type of player is the one who is more or less attached to the slot machine. He or she is completely obsessed with the game, regardless of whether he or she wins or loses. The player is so engrossed in the game that he is lost to the rest of the world and doesn’t notice what is happening there. This player is totally absorbed in his own zone.

The player who does not know when to stop

Type three that can be distinguished is the player who does not know when to stop. When it is really time to stop, this player wants to turn the machine just that little bit extra. It is actually just like with small children: one more time… But usually it does not stop at just one round and this player keeps going and going. Until he or she becomes completely addicted to the machine and the game.

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The player who likes to be alone

The following type likes to play alone without other people around or someone leading the game. In a casino, the tables are always full of games, but if you want to have some time to yourself, a slot machine is a great solution because you are alone and don’t need anyone else to be there. Do you like to play alone? The online casino is a great way to play without being seen by others.

The wait and see player

Another type of player is the one who waits his or her turn but keeps an eye on the other players on the machines. This player is a kind of watchdog who sees which machines run well and where payouts are made but especially where a lot of money is thrown in and nothing is won. Did the player before you put in the full bet and then quit without winning anything?

Then the watchdog sees his chance and tries to see if the machine has the desired effect and if the game can be won. Online you hardly see this type because you can’t keep an eye on other people so easily.


The next type you’ll encounter in the casino is Goldilocks. This player assumes that the machine and the game should suit him or her and that some machines simply don’t. They search until they find a machine that suits them. They search until they find a machine that they like and that they think will bring them luck.

The player who escapes reality

Type number seven is the escape artist. This player just wants to use the game to escape reality and everyday life. The player knows how to relax, although the game can also be exciting. Losing or winning is not the most important factor but just being able to get away from it all and live in your own little world is pleasant for this player.

The professional player

The penultimate type is the player who plays the slot machine daily and has turned the hobby into a profession. This player has turned gambling into a professional activity and therefore chooses the machines that often offer extra free spins or bonuses so that you can keep playing and making more money.

The Zen Player

The last type of player is the Zen artist. This player has a plan in advance of how long to play or what the goal is that they want to achieve. If it doesn’t work out, the player keeps going until it does. Once the goal is reached, this player also just stops playing.