The top 5 best Bitcoin casinos

This is because Bitcoins allow you to pay anonymously, quickly and securely; three features that come in very handy in the world of online gambling. Online currencies, such as Bitcoins, are therefore offered by more and more casinos as an accepted means of payment. With this, the big online casinos are unfortunately still lagging behind to avoid the negative image that Bitcoin casinos bring with them.
Top 5 Bitcoin CasinosTop 5 Bitcoin casinos can be found on this siteIt is unfortunately a fact that many illegal casinos choose to trade sometimes only in crypto currency. It is therefore essential that you check out the casino you want to play at beforehand to make sure you are playing at a fair and safe game. Information on how to do this, plus the 5 best Bitcoin casinos to join, can be found here.

The characteristics of a fair bitcoin casino

Honest Bitcoin casinos will be able to demonstrate this in several ways and won’t be shy about it either. If all goes well, you can clearly find on their website what they are doing to offer the fairest game possible and to ensure your safety. Firstly, there are the licenses that the casino holds and these can often be found at the bottom of the homepage. Check these and make sure they are issued by the gaming authorities of a country where online gambling is legal.

Secondly, look at how the scores are generated. If all goes well, these are chosen completely at random by a Random Number Generator and again the casino can provide proof of this. Next, the type of SSL connection is also important. This should be secure and encrypted so you know the data you are entering is fully protected. Last but not least you can check the reviews of current users. Here you can learn a lot about the speed of the payouts and the customer service.

If your casino meets all these requirements then you can probably play here safely. Here you will find 5 casinos which we have selected for you in this area.

Why a top 5 bitcoin casinos

Simply because we want to make things easier for you. That’s why we have already screened these casinos. Now that the Bitcoin has become a much more accepted means of payment, we see that online casinos also accept the Bitcoin. Are these casinos all safe? Probably not, but we have made a selection. In this case we must point out that you should choose a casino with a Dutch license.

With the entrance of Bitcoin into the online casino world, the advantages of the Cryptocurrency are immediately apparent. Fast and accepted in many places. Take advantage of that if you like paying with Bitcoins.