The strangest “good-luck charms” when gambling

People who gamble sometimes like to be superstitious and immediately think that certain objects bring good luck. These can be the strangest items that people take with them when they go to the casino.

We have listed the most unusual ones for you so you know what people take with them. And immediately have a holy belief that it also brings luck. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a talisman that brings you the luck you desire.

Some bizarre talismans in the gambling world

In the casinos around the world, of course, all kinds of different cultures come together, and so each culture has its own way of being superstitious. Of course, there are always some special people among them who do rely on special attributes to bring good luck. There are also quite a few players who use a talisman when gambling online.

Choose a Cat’s Eye

A good example of a special lucky charm is a so-called Cat’s Eye. If you played with marbles as a child, you’ll know which ones they called that and it’s very similar to that. A Cat’s Eye is an ornamental stone that resembles the eye of a cat in which there is a kind of light in the middle. The stone brings luck and in India is associated with prosperity. The stone is also known all over the world as a good luck charm.
A piglet as a talisman
A pig as a talisman

Animals like a pig, elephant or frog bring good luck

If you wear a necklace with a pig, elephant or frog in it, this can also bring luck. All three together is also possible of course. The elephant represents good luck in India, the pig symbolizes financial prosperity in Germany, and in Australia, the natives believe that frogs ensure sufficient rainfall. In other countries, a scarab and bats also bring good luck but not everyone is enamored of them.

Fish skin, acorns, keys, eggs and ladybugs

Are you from Poland? Then you probably know the custom with the skin of a carp bringing good luck. In England, on the other hand, acorns were carried for good luck. Eggs, keys and ladybugs also represent good luck in various countries. The latter you should therefore never chase away if they are near you. A key can be worn on a chain around your neck and eggs are a symbol of prosperity and good luck in certain countries.

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Ladders and horseshoes for luck

As a final good luck charm we mention ladders and horseshoes. Many people think of a ladder as a thing that brings bad luck if you walk under it, but if it is slanted against a wall it can also bring good luck. A horseshoe stands for good luck if you hang it like a U. Don’t do it the other way around or it will bring bad luck according to superstition. A ladder is less easy to take to the casino but if you see one on your way it can bring you good luck.