The most annoying people at Blackjack

Do you like to play a game of Blackjack when you’re at the casino? There’s nothing wrong with that, but you’re there to enjoy yourself and to have the best time possible. If other players are annoying you, it’s not much fun.

Apparently you have chosen the wrong table again because there is someone playing there who does not make the game more fun for the rest.

You’ll meet all kinds of people at the blackjack table

There are various types of players you’d hope not to run into at the blackjack table where you’re sitting down to enjoy a good time. Keep in mind that you can encounter all kinds of players at any time and that you shouldn’t be guilty of the behavior that otherwise annoys you. It can also be staff members and not all other players that make it a little less fun.

The player who always criticizes another

To begin with, we mention the player who always criticizes. And not on his or her own game of course but on that of other players. Not nice of course when they criticize your way of playing or brag about how good they are at the game. Rap time to get away from the table before they ruin everything for someone else and kill the atmosphere.

The waiter or waitress who is nowhere to be found

Are you just in the game and then you get thirsty of course. With a bit of bad luck, there won’t be a waitress or waiter around at that moment and you’ll be left gasping for a drink. And you’ll want a drink before you’ve spent all your money on gambling. Just be sure to see them when you run out of money to bet or when you go home…but then you won’t have to.

The superstitious player

There are some people who are quite superstitious when it comes to gambling. You have to take this seriously because other people believe in it. Even if you don’t and you know that you don’t change the order in which the cards appear during a game of blackjack after they’ve been shuffled. Be careful not to get blamed for a bad card because you put your glass down the wrong way or just because it was your turn before theirs. In this way they also ruin your whole game, just because of their superstitiousness. Which they still believe in completely.

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The compulsive player

Another type of player is the one who plays compulsively. At the Blackjack table, you are not in the habit of touching the cards but many players tend to neatly arrange their set of cards every time. If you do, you are likely to be turned away from the table and delay the game for the other participants. So don’t do this and just stay away from the table, even if you want to sit at it so badly.

The player who talks too much during the game

An important thing, especially for players new to blackjack, is to keep your mouth shut and not ask any questions. The dealer is there to do his or her job and not to give you advice during the game. This will only delay the game and you won’t exactly be thanked by the other players. If you get any advice at all, it will be so general that it won’t help you much.

The player looking for friends

Don’t expect to make friends at the blackjack table. After all, you get there to play and not for anything else. Sure, you’re sitting at the table with people who also like the game, but that’s where the similarities end. A little chat with your fellow players is fine and is social too, but don’t overdo it and don’t keep talking but focus on the game.

The player who gives the dealer nothing

Winning is fun. But think about the croupier who is doing his or her job and gave you the right cards. If you win, don’t be a miser and tip the dealer. If you’re not sure how tipping works, read the rules of the casino. You’ll know what to do and you’ll fit right in.